Want to learn more about LinkedIn advertisements and how to maximize your paid campaigns in the app? If that's the case, this listing is for you. LinkedIn has released a comprehensive overview of the numerous ads bid types available on the platform, as well as suggestions on how and when to use each feature.

According to LinkedIn:

"When you create a LinkedIn campaign, all advertising are entered into a second-price auction system per member browsing LinkedIn's feed." In the background, the auction ranks bids from numerous advertisers bidding for the same ad position for a member in milliseconds. The bid is the maximum amount of money you're ready to spend for a specific result, such as a click. The bid type you choose should be determined by your marketing objectives. Then a combination of relevance, the likelihood that a LinkedIn member would connect with your ad, and bid value then determines which advertiser's ad gets shown to the user and when."

Important info have — Check LinkedIn's new bidding one-pager below, and learn more about LinkedIn bidding techniques here.