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  1. 5 Steps of Design Thinking Process for Innovation.

    When you heard about the word design thinking, what is that? is the question that will raise in your mind, right? Don't worry; Let me explain what design thinking is. Design thinking is the process to identify complex problems and finding solutions for them. Organizations use the design thinking method to gather insights and create a strategic plan to reach their unmet goals.

    At present many businesses focus on design-driven, ...
  2. Steps to Espousing Artificial Intelligence Into Your Business

    AI is visibly a rising power in the business. Virtual assistants and chatbots are fetching a crucial part of new products. In the meantime, firms like Microsoft, Google and Salesforce have combined AI as an intelligence coat into the entire tech heap. Indeed, AI is now taking its moment. Forester recently stated that nearly two-thirds of enterprise technology decision-makers have either applied, are currently applying, or are increasing their
  3. 7 Better Tips To Manage Your Startup's Burn Rate

    The enthusiasm for starting a new business and changing the world can be exciting. In the sentiment of the startup phase, it is easy to drop vision of the detail that there are many unknowns. The potential customers that keen on purchasing your first model may back out. The workers you count on most might be advanced with a different offer. If you overspend on needless overhead, then you rise your risks in the face of storms that will unavoidably ...

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  4. Online portfolio gives you a superpower to market yourself.

    [IMG]A personal portfolio can be considered as an evidence to organize all your accomplishments throughout the life. Most probably a portfolio is containing a sample of your works such as the various things you have done, experiences, achievements, the things you have learnt and your accomplishments.

    In the journey of your life, you should create it on what you are passionate about. So as a step for that, an online portfolio can be considered. ...
  5. Three Signs about doing the Wrong in Your Business

    1. You’re not passionate about it

    If serial entrepreneurs have only one secret of success, it’s passion. Explaining “how to know you’re building the wrong company,” Damien Patton emphasizes one thing: the absence of passion.

    Patton is not alone. Jeff Bezos gives a directive advice while reviewing the secret behind Amazon’s astonishing rise: “Never chase the hot thing, you need to position yourself and wait for the
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