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  1. Fast Growth Of Information Technology Industry In Sri Lanka

    Information Technology industry ( IT ) is one of the fastest growing Fields in Sri Lanka.Skilled professionals and rapidly developing infrastructure make Sri Lanka the rising ICT hub in Asia.Information Technology in Sri lanka refers to the business process outsourcing,Knowledge process outsourcing,software development,IT Services and IT education in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is ranked among the top 50 outsourcing destinations by AT Kearney (ranked
  2. Internet penetration growth in Sri Lanka 2018.

    Sri Lanka may seem like a small island lying in the middle of the potent Indian Ocean.Located southeast of Indian subcontinent.However, It has a significant population of 20.91 million in 2018. Sri Lanka has amused the attention of the world towards itself.The reasons may have been the most tender infrastructural, economic and social welfare growth to endemic natural resources . let's put all these facts aside for the moment and have
  3. Online portfolio gives you a superpower to market yourself.

    [IMG]A personal portfolio can be considered as an evidence to organize all your accomplishments throughout the life. Most probably a portfolio is containing a sample of your works such as the various things you have done, experiences, achievements, the things you have learnt and your accomplishments.

    In the journey of your life, you should create it on what you are passionate about. So as a step for that, an online portfolio can be considered. ...
  4. Best 10 Free VPN Services of 2018 Safe & Secure, Fast Worldwide Access

    VPN services have been increasing in today’s world of restrictions. The more you restrict, the more people come with alternate ideas to jump over that barrier and VPN is such an idea.

    What is a VPN and why you need this anyway?

    VPN stands for Virtual Private Networks and plainly saying, is a service used to protect our identity while searching contents on the internet. It can use to browse geographically restricted ...
  5. Top 5 Thrilling Activities that You Can do in Unknown Meemure for Travelers!!!

    Does anyone hear about Meemure? Are you going to crazy more to know about this place? O.K. I don't want to make you more confuse. Meemure is an absolute natural village which is located near the and border between Kandy and Matale in the Knuckles Mountain range. More than 90% of the Sri Lankan don't know about this place even the name of "Meemure". Meemure is the best adventure place and you can feel the absolute freedom ...

    Updated 04-28-2018 at 08:43 AM by Medusa (Travelling)

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