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  1. R.I.P The Hackers And Stay Safe Online!

    Hacking is getting illegal access to one’s personal data from his/her computer or system. We all do always wish to keep ourselves safe from those hackers who intend to steal our data.

    Do you use the same passwords to all your websites? Do you do a lot of Facebook sharing? You might ask what the problem is with sharing your Facebook posts with ‘’Friends of friends’’?
    What if you’re at your own risk? Have any idea what cyber-criminals would do by accessing to your personal
  2. 5 Phishing Techniques You Need To Be Aware Of!

    As technology is in the desperate rule of the world and is more in advance, cybercriminals are becoming, more advanced in knowledge as well. A phishing attack is where a cybercriminal targets a specific victim by sending an email to the victim in order to extract information that he/she needs. It is a must for every business especially in IT sectors to be aware and revolve a knowledge about phishing threats. I've mentioned the five main types of phishing that is currently in trend down below.
  3. The Percentage Of World's Debt By Country!

    Could A Country Survive Without Borrowing A Debt? The Answer Is Certainly No!

    Even the richest country in the world relies for a debt over another country. This might sound a little awkward but it truly does!Every second, it seems, someone somewhere in the world takes on more debt, it could be a country or even an individual citizen. A government debt can be simply defined as the value of buns and other debt securities which is intentionally issued by the national government
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