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  1. Love, Lust and Attachment : The real big deals of life

    There is a famous saying and it goes as''Lust feels like love until it's time to make a sacrifice''.
    The feelings we get while meeting someone new is pretty hard to understand at times. We sometimes get that biological or even spiritual interaction with people we meet.

    At least once in our lifetime we all might have met or will meet someone and feel like we always want to be around them. When they are around they make us nervous, make us not to think straight, unconscious about
  2. 7 Simple Travel Photography Tips For Beginners

    Nothing can beat the feeling of coming back home with lots of beautiful pictures from the places we have just visited and many of us want to take the best photographs possible so that we can look back and recall the whole thing about those special moments. The feelings, the sights, the atmosphere, a good photograph can carry back all these wonderful memories.

    With these travel photography tips, I assured that you will take your photography skills to the next step. My goal to write
  3. The Future Cybersecurity Jobs Demand Outlook

    Demand for Cybersecurity careers are growing higher than what we are expecting, the necessity for additional workers is going to outgrow in the upcoming future. Nowadays Cyber-attacks are fetching more critical and common; however, People have usually received information about the attacks that happened to high-profile units, but every business and individual that connected with an internet presence is immune to the attacks.

    Based ...
  4. Facebook's Massive Security Breach - Everything You Need To Know About

    Facebook declared that a massive security breach was exposed on September 25th, 2018 and has affected nearly 50 million accounts. Facebook has since fixed the vulnerability and immediately contacted law enforcement.

    This latest breach comes just six months after news broke that Cambridge Analytica had tapped and taken the data of 50 million users. The allegations of this breach comprised the data being used to affect the
  5. Duty-Free Permits For Vehicle Suspended For One Year

    To reduce the increasing pressure on the Sri Lankan rupee, the Sri Lankan government has taken several actions, together with a verdict to suspend issuing duty-free permits for vehicles to MPs for a one year of the time period.

    Attorney-at-law and rights activist Nagananda Kodituwakku, who fights against MPs and Ministers misusing the duty-free vehicle permits causing loss of revenue in billions, impulses President Maithripala
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