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Top 7 Safety Tips for Female Solo Travelers.

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For many folks travelling alone as a female can be an intimidating way to travel the world. So, they often ask “Is it possible for a female to travel the world alone and stay safe?” Absolutely, it’s possible. In reality, there are thousands of women who travel solo. They survived, thrived, and had the time of their lives. These solo trips help many women to become confident and independent.

Our world isn’t as threatening as the media brand it out. All you need to do is a little research and preparation, and you’ll be well set to enjoy your trip while keeping yourself safe. Here in this post, I am going to share some safety tips that will help you to travel the parts of the world that you have dreamt of.

Here is the list of seven tips that will get you ready for a safe solo female travel.

1. Do Proper Research about Your Destination.

It's really important to understand your travel destination. Make sure to get know about the local laws and customs, also respect them. Simple hand gestures can carry a different meaning in different countries. Like in some countries a thumbs-up means “good job" or "okay”. But in some countries, they consider it as crude or offensive. So, it always better to understand the local culture so that you can avoid unwanted troubles. It is also good to research about any religious, cultural or political events that might take place during your stay there. Just get to know what is occurring around you, so that you can give the due respect to them and also take part in the events if it's appropriate to you. It can be a fun way to mingle yourself with the locals and their culture.

2. Do Advance Bookings of Accommodations.

There are plenty of affordable options to ensure safety. Whenever you travel to a new place do the necessary bookings like accommodation and foods in advance so that you can avoid and unwanted scenarios. It will be more helpful if you are travelling at nighttime because of nothing horrible than showing up in a new place or city at night with not anything booked. One more thing chooses your accommodations in populated areas and uses verified reviews to make sure your choice is right. Even you can get advice from fellow travelers to choose a safe place.

3. Dress Like Local and Blend with Them.

Before you travel just to make sure you learn about the dress code norms in your travel destination and pack a few pieces of the dress along that comply. For your rest of the stay buy clothes in the local itself. It will help you to blend with the local people easily. And also, it will help you to avoid unwanted attention on yourself because if you carry yourself in a different way than the local women then it will attract unnecessary attention on yourself and that may invite trouble to yourself. That's why many female solo travelers prefer to dress like local people.

4. Stay Connected with People through Social Media.

It's a very good safety plan to let people know when and where you will be travelling. While your friends and family at home, leaving a trail of your travels on social media or a blog is the finest way to assure everybody that you are safe and enjoying your travel. And also, you can keep in touch with your fellow travelers through social media. As well give your flight numbers and accommodation details to a specific person back at your home, it's a smart idea to keep someone updated about your travel plans.

5. Drink Responsibly, Don't Get Wasted.

Liquor is equally a friend and foe to a solo traveler. Enjoying a drink with an individual you have encountered on your travel is an exciting way to have fun, but it's really not a good idea to have too much drink and make yourself vulnerable for the predators. It's one of the dangerous circumstances you can place yourself as a solo female traveler. Moderate your drinks and always be aware of your surroundings. If you feel uncomfortable or being suspicious about somebody then cautiously leave the place and go somewhere you feel safe. If you are in a nightclub or bar ask help from the bartender, they are used to dealing with all types of people so they can get help from security and escort you safely.

6. Be Cautious with Your Expensive Items.

Nowadays most of the people travel with a smartphone, a camera, a laptop or tablet and these things will be very attractive things for thieves. So, avoid flashing these things around and only take them out of the pack when you have the necessary. It also a smart idea to keep these things and other key documents like wallet, passport and visa within your reach. When you are travelling from place to place, always keep your valuable possessions within you in a secure day bag. Also, avoid bringing anything along with you which has sentimental value or anything expensive like jewelry that you would be heartbroken to lose.

7. Follow Your Own Instincts.

With time, you will develop good instincts when you are on your own on the road that will really help you as a solo female traveler. Trusting your intuition and being in tune with your own feelings are the things that will naturally keep you safe. Whether you feel uncomfortable with a reckless taxi driver, want to be cautious with your new group of buddies or don't want to have a drink with a man at a bar, trusting your gut feelings can help you to safeguard yourself. Certainly, we all have different kinds of instincts and we have developed them in various ways. But every one of us learns to trust our instincts because they can lead us in the right path.

Final Verdicts

Travel will play just as an essential role in our life as education, career, family, marriage and kids. And especially solo travel gives you a gift of independence, a chance to experience new cultures and the time to get to know about yourself and find out what's best for you. It will make you a much more independent and confident person.

I hope the above seven tips help you to plan safe solo travel. If you girls ever went on a solo trip, let me know your personal experience and tips on the comments below.

I am waiting to hear from you Girls

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