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5 Reasons Why You Should Take Social Media Breaks.

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To be honest: I love social media. I consider it's a great method to get connected with the people, and numerous social media networks have helped out many individuals to form safe communities who might not feel supported in their real life. Besides, with applications like Instagram, you have access to just about as many varieties of photographs as you could probably want to get. However, social media addiction is similar to any other type of serious addiction.

According to research the rush and excitement that we feel after posting a photo on social media happen because of the dopamine release in our body. Dopamine usually released after physical activities like hugs and kisses, but now social media become a big source of dopamine release because it creating a sense of belonging through notifications, likes and shares. That being said, the rewards of taking social media breaks every once in a while is significant enough for everybody to put away our mobiles for a few days.

Here are some benefits of taking social media breaks; if you do decide to take a break from social media then this post will motivate you to go ahead with your plan.

1. You Will Most likely to Get More Free Time.

Do you ever feel like you don't have enough time to exercise, read or clean your room? Taking a break from social media will help you to regain nearly 2 hours daily, you can use those time to improving your life. Daily 30 minutes walking gives enormous physical and mental health benefits, which makes better usage of your time. With no social media feeds to scroll through, you will not only have so much free time for your daily life activities but the time spent away from social media might also benefit you to build a healthy boundary between your professional life and personal life. Your presence on social media may remind you about your work and it’s tensions, especially if you are friends with your workplace buddies. Taking complete breaks from your work after your office hours can help you be a productive employee and also you can avoid burnout.

2. You Will be More Innovative and Creative.

I am not saying that technology is rotting your brain but when you are constantly using social media, your brain will shut down from real-life problems and you become less innovative. So when you stop mindlessly scrolling your social media feed, your creativity will get spark because now your imagination can run free. For example, if you need extra money, just merely wishing for it doesn’t give you any additional cash. But if you put your phone and stop disrupting yourself through social media, an idea on how to make that cash might pop up in your mind.

3. You Will Have Deeper Relationships With Your Loved Ones.

Though social media claims to be connecting you with your family, friends and loved ones but is it really doing so? How many times have you found yourself scrolling on social media while the actual people around you go unseen? Social media connect you with people who are away from you but it disconnects you from your family and loved ones. When you break the ties with social media, you will understand that calling, talking, and going out without social media disruption is a great way to bond, connect and have meaningful conversations with your family and friends.

4. You Can Get a Better Chance to Know Yourself.

Until you take a break from social media, you might not realize how much you are getting affected by social media. When we on social media we lose the perspective of our behaviors so while we take a break from social media we can measure our behavior changes. When you change your regular routine you will get a new opportunity to examine what is and isn't working in your life. Even if we know basic things about our life, sometimes we need to shuffle things to get a new level of self-awareness and we get that chance through our break from social media.

5. You Will Begin to Enjoy Your Own Life.

Do you post almost everything you do on social media while each of your life events is actually happening? Even there have been examples of individuals who update their Facebook profiles instantly after they are getting married. Maybe it seems like a viable way to document your life, but actually, it takes you out of the present moment. If you are living every event of your life through the invisible lens of social media then your involvements and experiences are going to be less memorable and lower quality. Therefore use some time away from these social media channels to ask yourself whether you are doing the things that are truly valuable in your life. Live your life rather than watching it on social media.

Final Thoughts

Here I have mentioned five reasons why you should take breaks from social media. If you are an ordinary person who spends approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes per day on social media or a professional who require to remain social online during working hours, It can be really helpful to you to detox yourself from social media every once in a while. It can enhance your personal and professional life.

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Hope you guys had a good read

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