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10 Awesome Life Lessons You Can Learn from Solo Traveling

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Travelling alone can be an anxious experience. Youíre in a strange place; outside of your comfort zone that too without a companion. You are on your own and the success of this solo trip is completely reliant on you. It seems a lot of pressure. But you should go on a solo trip at least once in your lifetime. Itís essential to nourishing and growing your inner spirit; itís crucial to personal growth and self-discovery. If you never have to entirely and completely depend on yourself, can you ever get the chance to really know yourself? They Say:

ďSometimes the hardest things in life are the right things in lifeĒ

When you are travelling by yourself there is a range of phases you go through, every phase teaches you a new lesson about yourself. Itís significant to be aware of both the good and bad aspects of travelling alone by yourself. So that you know what to expect from your solo travel. You will also learn that the positive parts quickly come around again and effortlessly overshadow the negative parts of travelling alone.

Here are 10 life lessons you can learn from travelling alone.

1. You learn to take care of yourself.

When you travel by yourself, there is no one to tell you what to do. You don't need to answer to anybody. While this freedom feels very empowering. It also gives you great responsibility on yourself. You don't have a parent or friend to instruct you where to go, how to get there and what to do. You have to be your own friend, guide and leader. When you are being out of the familiarity of your home, you will realize that it's not that hard to take care of yourself. You will realize you're not helpless; you have yourself to provide you with necessary help. You become capable to take care of yourself, simply saying you become a real adult.

2. You learn to enjoy by yourself and have fun.

It's a blissful feeling when you realize you don't need somebody else's company to have a good time. Itís the true state of liberating. When you are travelling alone, you have to seek out fun and enjoyment in unexpected places. When you are used to having fun by yourself, you will start to feel more comfortable by yourself. You realize just how friendly and lovely other travelers are, how easy it is to join a new group of people and enjoy the solo trip moments. It makes yourself is an entirely new person and you become 100% independent.

3. You learn you're much bittier than you think

When you are in a different country, in a new land, you have to discover uncommon ways to get yourself out of unusual difficulties. For instance, if you get lost in a new city and donít speak the local language, you will need to practice your problem-solving abilities to come out of the mess and get you where you need to go. Maybe find yourself short on the local cash, at this situation you have to find out a method to stretch your last few dollars. You will discover that there are solutions around your hitches. Where there is a will, there is definitely a way to fulfill that will. Your willpower grows resilient and stronger when you are travelling alone by yourself.

4. You learn that the relationship with yourself is most important

On your solo journey, you may have missed buses, lost things that you held precious, lost bank cards, overestimated the amount of time it takes to get to the railway station, and have found yourself in a few more Ďstickyí situations. However, when travelling alone you have no one else to put the blame on but yourself. Therefore you learn to take full responsibility for going against your values, your pains, your hurts and your mistakes, also you will learn from them, forgive yourself and move on. Finally, these experiences will teach you the importance of having a strong and unbreakable relationship with yourself. Travelling alone by yourself and having new experiences without anybody by your side will foster your relationship with yourself. Travelling alone is the best way to cultivate self-love. Eventually, you become your most favorite travel partner and you will soon understand that you are your most beloved person. When we learn about the world around us, automatically we learn about our own selves.

5. You learn to embrace new experiences without fear about them.

The idea of the unfamiliar can make anybody tremble. Taking that first stride into unchartered land is frightening, even when you have a travel partner. So when youíre travelling by yourself, youíre literally forced to trust your own self and jump your feet into new things. As itís the only approach to make the most out of everything. Soon you will learn that being full of fear is not going to help you grow anyway. You will swap all of those stomach-churning anxieties with the kinds of excitements that make your soul soar. You discover that new experiences help you to grow as a person and they're not bitter medicine to be swallowed with your eyes tightly shut.

6. You learn how to manage your money.

Solo travel will turn you into a little penny-pincher. Once youíre out there in the world alone by yourself, you become responsible for each and every dime you spend, you're required to obtain the skills you need to save the cash flowing. You learn to prioritize your expenses, avoid unwanted purchases, create a budget for your expenses, and buy cheap alternatives. As you only have the cash that you came with, thus you learn the value of your money very fast.

7. You learn how to make the best out of the toughest situations.

When youíre in a new place alone, definitely youíre going to be faced with some tough situations. Maybe you missed that last bus to a new city and are forced to find out what to do until next morning. Maybe you lost the way to your place and have to find out how to get back to your place. There you have no one to call and ask help. Even with these kinds of struggles, you make the best of your solo trip. All you need to do is to hold your head up and write these toughest situations up to new, exciting experiences. You never know, maybe this is the first footstep to a new and thrilling adventure you never expected.

8. You learn how to communicate with strangers.

With no one beside you, you will learn to communicate with strangers. You have to break out of your comfort zone if you ever expect to experience new things and make new memories. While travelling alone you will make many new friends than you will if you are travelling with your family or friends. When you are traveling alone, you have to seek out company. You will learn about different cultures and customs that you have never been exposed to.

9. You learn to trust and follow your intuition.

Your gut feeling will become your biggest strength. When you are alone on the road, your intuition becomes your best friend. When youíre in a new place all alone by yourself, you have to depend on your feelings and intuition. You will need to be capable to measure strangers' real intentions. You will need to decide how safe this hotel, restaurant or bar really is. With no one else to point you in the right or wrong direction, all of a sudden you find the courage to trust your own instincts and gut feeling, Listen to those intuitions; It helps you to trust yourself.

10. You learn about yourself and who you are.

Above all, travelling alone by yourself will teach you who you are. If you can travel alone by yourself, you really can do anything in this world. You are smart, strong, and stealthy. You may be cutting yourself off from your familiar things, but you're also developing roots inside yourself. When you embarking on a solo trip you also find out what kind of traveler you are. You have no one to influence your decisions. You can get to do what you want, where you want and when you want and, whether it is walking aimlessly through a city, hiking or partying, itís totally up to you. So it helps you to discover the person you are and what kind of likes and dislikes you have.

Final Words

Travelling alone is great. It is a really glorious and life-affirming adventure that enlightens your soul, itís a hugely rewarding experience that helps you to learn as much about yourself as it does about the world you are travelling in. Hope the above 10 awesome life lessons inspire you to go on a solo trip.

Guys, if you ever went on solo travelling, Let me know your life lessons in the comments.

Hope you guys had a good read

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