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Top 7 New Yearís Resolutions Thatíll Mark Your 2020 The Finest Year Ever.

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The New Year 2020 is fast approaching and it's a great time to get a clean slate to start from. Each year many of us make our new year's resolutions to spark positive changes in our life. Every year we make resolutions concerning our fitness, well being, finances or for our individual and career developments. Whatever the resolution is, this is your year to create goals and achieve more in life!

So, without any further delay, here is the list of top 7 New Year’s resolutions that will mark your 2020 the finest year ever.

1. Create a Regular Exercise routine.

We can't deny the fact that every year getting fit is at top of everyone's New Year resolutions list. To achieve your fitness goals, you should maintain a regular exercise routine. I know now you have this question in your mind, how to build your own exercise routine? Okay, let me tell you how? To build your workout routine first you need to find out your fitness goals like are you trying to lose weight? Or are you trying to gain more muscle? Whatever your goals are, let's write them down and make yourself aware of what you are trying to accomplish. These goals help you to build your workout routine, you can decide whether you want to workout 1 hour daily or 30 minutes is enough.

At this point you should have:

• Determined regarding your fitness goals
• Daily, what quantity of time you need to spend for workout
• Where you would like to workout

Find out these above things will help you to form a successful exercise routine, both your everyday workout plan and your workout timetable for a month.With determination, consistency, hard work and accountability you can achieve your fitness goals. Following a regular exercise routine not just keep you fit and healthy, it also teaches you discipline, determination, accountability and gives you lots of positive energy to start your day energetically. Therefore, this new year make yourself to follow a workout routine that will enhance your life with more positive energy!

2. Become More Organized Person

The organized people are not born organized; actually they cultivate the good habits to make them stay organized. Establishing a good organizational habit and making it as a daily routine help you to have more control of your life. Being organized help you to make schedules & deadlines, avoid procrastination, and delegate your responsibilities.

Getting organized means:

• Knowing where things you need are the moment you need them.
• Arriving places or event on time
• Having control of your day
• Being prepared for things

Making your bed in the morning also a good organizational habit. Research has shown that this habit helps people to set a positive tone for their day. Being organized help you to find out what is meaningful to you and what are the items you need to discard, it also lets you know what you have to do and when you have to do it. Create organizational habits one by one; eventually you will become more organized and productive.

3. Make Yourself Learn a New Hobby or Skill

Think about the successful people in the world, those are the people who are best at learning new skills. Most of the successful people dedicate their spare time to learning and they committed themselves to their promise of learning. With that said, there are plentiful of things you can learn in your free time. List down the valuable things to learn that will improve both your personal professional life.

The new skills can be the following:

• Speak a new language
• Learn Photoshop
• Learn to play an instrument
• Master photography
• Become a writer

Not only are the above skills there many other new skills that you can pursuit to enhance your life. These are not just a new skill to learn, they also act as a hobby in your leisure time. Learning a new skill or hobby would be a healthier use of your free time than killing your precious time on playing video games or watching boring TV show. Isn’t it great to learn some new skills? Sure, it will add more value to your life. So, this New Year makes a commitment to learning new skills or hobbies. Even if you spend just half an hour daily for the learning, you will have added some value to your typical day and make it more productive.

4. Get into a Good Saving Habit

Still, we need improvements in our saving habit. Most of the financial planners advise saving at least 15% of our monthly income. I know spending money is easy than saving money. Many of us set goals to save money for a down-payment for a house, to buy a car or for a wedding but often we fail to reach them, and then give up on our regular saving habit.

To cultivate a good saving habit:

• Start with saving money for an emergency fund
• Try to save some money every day, even if it's just a 10 rupee coin
• Keep your savings in a visible place it will motivate you to save more
• Make sure to spend less money than you earn

If you follow these above methods you can regulate your saving habit and before you know it, you will get into a good saving habit. Saving money help you in emergencies, limits your debts, allows you to enjoy your vacations in a better way and gives you financial freedom. Thus, this New Year gets financial freedom by saving money.

5. Make Time for Your Family and Friends

How alone time is important for our innovation and creativity, the way spending quality amount of time with our family and friends is important for our happiness. Research also found that spending time with our family and friends boost our happiness more than achieving our goals or earning lots of money. It's always a good investment to spend time with the ones you love.

Spending quality time with your family and friends:

• Help you to relief stress
• Boost your positive energy
• Improve your mental health
• Longer your lifetime
• Enhance your life with happiness

Sometimes it's hard to create a perfect balance with work and life. With our work and demands of everyday life, we overlook the need to spend time with our loved ones. But it's really important to spend time with our close relationships to cultivate content and happiness in our life. That's why I ask you to add spending time with your family and friends in your New Year’s resolutions list.

6. Make a Travel Bucket-list for New Year

You can gain plenty of things from traveling and exploring new places, such as gaining new experiences, new stories to tell and new friends. When you start to travel, you get a better expose and understanding about people, their living, their culture, their background and their history. Studies also suggest that traveling can enhance your creativity and improve your overall physical and mental health.

Traveling can give you the following benefits:

• Improve your social relationship and communication skills
• Give you content and peace of mind
• Enhance your creative thoughts
• Make you more tolerance to uncertainty
• Enhance your self-confidence
• Gives you real-life lessons and lifetime memories.

There are more than the above benefits. Traveling can make your life better and happier in numerous ways; it gives benefits that enhance your whole life because the experiences and skills you gain from traveling can offer you life-long personal and professional benefits. This New Year travels more to explore the wonders of nature.

7. Spend Time to Read More

If you are the person who doesn't make a regular habit of reading , you might be missing out a significant amount of benefits, reading is just more than hobby or entertainment, spending a considerable amount of time in reading can make you a kinder, smarter and more relaxed person. It can boost your overall happiness and health.

Reading can help you to:

• Reduce your stress
• Stimulate your mental health
• Enhance your knowledge
• Improve your focus and concentration
• Improve your memory power
• Expand your vocabulary

There are many genres in reading, find out whether you have an interest in classic literature, fashion, poetry, religious books or self-guide books. Get the books that capture your curiosity and replenish your soul for a while. Reading can help you to understand the different perspective of life and expose you to a wide range of knowledge. So, this 2020 take the resolution to read more to learn more.

Closing In.......

New Year gives you a chance to renew your life! Hope you found the above seven resolutions beneficial and useful to follow through. These New Year's resolutions will fill your 2020 with much success and happiness. Wishing you all a successful New Year ahead!

If you guys wish to add any other resolutions in the list, let me know them in the comments below!

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