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7 Best and Proven Ways to Improve Your Communication Skills

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In this digital era of social media networking and texting, communication becomes a causal thing. But still, we require effective communication skills to succeed in our personal and professional life. Communication skills top the list of fundamental skills that employees needed to succeed in the workplace. Good communication skills will support you to achieve any endeavors you ever put your time and energy into.

It's true that not all of us are naturally gifted with excellent communication skills. However communication skills are teachable, if you are willing to put the efforts, you can become an effective communicator.

Below are the seven best and proven ways to hone up on your communication skills.

1) Get to know the person who you're talking to

The main thing you should focus on when you are working to improve your communication skills is deciphering the person who youíre talking to. Itís important in your communication. Deciphering a person includes everything like where they're from, what are their personality, and their emotional nature. Getting to know about the person influences how you are going to communicate with them, what kind of language you are going to use and the stories you tell on to communicate or convey a point. Thus, knowing the person who you're talking to will help you to garner your conversation and help you to effectively communicate your message to the person.

2) Pay attention to your body language

Your body language can let others know how youíre feeling. Because most of the time. Body language is automatic and conveys how you are feeling emotionally in a particular moment. Sometimes your body language conveys the emotions that you wish not to show. But there is a way to tackle this, you can be upbeat and control your own body language. For example, sitting up straight with wide shoulders instead of hunching over or you can adopt a power pose of your favorite superhero/role model before going to an important meeting. By doing so, you will not only improve your communication ability but also it will help you to build confidence in your physical position. Other good body language tactics include maintaining eye contact with the person and Keeping open body posture means not crossing your arms and facing your chest towards the person you are talking with.

3) Read the message before you send

Considering the age we are living in. I would like to leave some tips to communicate digitally. And I think this one is the simplest yet most useful tip for our digital communication. Typos are common when we communicate through text, that too when communicating in a professional environment, typos can cause a really bad impression on you. Even proficient writers can't dodge from typos. Therefore, do yourself a favor of proofreading your writing before sending them, whether it's a simple email, a project report or your resume.

4) Say enough to just convey your point

One of the sophisticated communication skills is to talk less and listen more. If you noticed the people with good communication skills, they listen actively and when they speak, they always communicate their message more clearly and straight to the point. They don't trail on and on endlessly. Now how can you do that? Simple before you speak, think about what you want to communicate, why are you responding to the person and what is the core point in your response that you want to convey to the person. In the beginning, it seems a difficult skill to master but with practice, you will get yourself in the right direction.

5) Exercise Over-Communicate method

A bit contrary to the above point, in the rush to communicate something we often say things that are not clear enough. Even though we feel as we are communicating clearly, in reality, we are not. Now you have this question, how to clearly communicate our point? That's where you should use the magical methods of storytelling, hand gestures and other visual mechanisms to clearly register your message to the people you are communicating with. By using more than one perspective you can make people understand the message from different sides.

6) Learn the art of effective listening

Listening is the most important aspect of communication. Listening is the quality that naturally makes someone as a good communicator. Because communication is the process of learning, interacting and transmitting messages with other people and for that listening is essential. In order to communicate effectively, you need to understand what other person is saying and feeling, to know that you need to listen to them closely, not just their words but their body language, expressions, emotions and gestures. These things will convey to you how the other person responding to your words and it will help you to choose an effective communication method.

7) Smile and maintain a positive attitude

A positive attitude has the power to change everything in our favor. So whenever you are communicating with someone maintain a positive attitude and smile. Even if you are communicating through phone talk with a smile because your positive attitude shines through your voice that will delight your listener. When you communicate with a smile and a positive attitude, people tend to reply to you positively. Therefore always maintain your positive attitude to communicate effectively.


Communication skills are most important of all the other skills. So it's worth investing and improving your ability to communicate. As effective communication helps you to hustle your dreams. Use these above-proven ways to take your communication skills to the next level and reap the benefits in both your personal and professional life by becoming an effective communicator!

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  1. Katren's Avatar
    Hey Bhavya,

    Communication skill is very important for every human, based on the communication, others will judge us how we are talking from of others, it's not only important for business people, everyone needs to have the proper communication skill, when I read your blog, I got to know the basic and useful tips how we can improve our communication skill. Thanks for sharing this useful tips


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