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7 New Year Resolutions Ideas to Kick-Start Your Career in 2020

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As 2019 draws to an end, probably you are setting your New Year resolutions to improve the different areas of your life including your career. There is a saying "We get out of life what we put in." Therefore, it's important to take control of your own professional journey. Setting the right goals for your career give yourself the best starting point for your profession for the year and beyond. So, here are a few New Year resolutions ideas to kick start your new year with better career goals.

Let's check out the career resolutions ideas to kick start your 2020

1. Become more organized in your work

It's easy to become overwhelmed with a whole bunch of things to do. But with the right focus and efforts, you can be more organized and maintain it throughout the year. When it comes to work your calendar and your desk are the two main areas that are very important to keep organized. When you have a proper system to manage your time effectively, then you will be able to achieve more at work. If you are using an online calendar then use colour-coding to track various tasks. Monitor how you are spending your time by actively using the task management function as your checklist and stay top of your agendas.

Your desk is the mirror that shows how you manage your work and management & executives notice this as well. Remember your desk is the first impression for anyone to see how you manage your work and how you take pride in your professional presence. A messy workspace can impact your efficiency and productivity. Therefore, keeping a clean and organized workspace that helps you to work effectively without stress.

2. Get rid of your work stress

First find out if the stress is coming from outside (from your manager, coworkers, etc) or it's self-induced. Don't put the weight of the world on yourself; it gives too much pressure for you. Just step back and begin with simple things like having a good sleep and doing exercise in the morning. As these simple things give you a positive start for the day. Remember you can't do everything, so don't try to do everything and burn yourself.

Take control of your work life by setting meetings, goals and agendas and this is the best way to reduce your work stress. Have a productive to-do list that will help you to thrive in your job. Everyone has their own stress triggers and relaxing methods, thus get to know what works for you, it can be talking with a friend, taking a small walk or breathing deeply. Find and fit that de-stressor into your daily routine.

3. Get yourself a degree

According to studies, one of the biggest regrets people have late in their life is not finishing a degree. You have numerous options on online and have flexible degree programs to complete your degree whether you want to do an undergraduate degree or a PhD. There are endless options to persuade your degree. You should get your wheels in motion in 2020 by researching and setting a deadline date by which you want to complete your degree program. Remember it's never too late persuaded what you want in life; just determine yourself to achieve what you want.

4. Develop a good work-life balance

Find your limitations and set your boundaries, it includes working more or few hours. For example, if you work late every night, make sure to leave the office earlier. If you continuously work for long hours that will infringe your personal life. Come earlier to work and get things done in the morning, so it will allow you to leave earlier from work. If you have a team, delegate the tasks effectively so you will have less to do and also prioritize your task, don't try to please everyone you can't do that and finally you end up pleasing no one at all. Remember you can't complete everything in a day. There is always a tomorrow. Therefore, try to balance your work and personal life so that you can work more productively without burning out yourself and be happy as well.

5. Create a more effective network

When you embark on your professional networking, you need to do some tweaks in your approach. First, you need to drop your "me" perspective and interact with other professionals with a partnership perspective. Always remember you guys are there to learn, share and help each other out to enhance professionally. This type of "give and take" relationship gives more benefits than a single-sided approach.

Once you get clear about this, make yourself more active on LinkedIn and other professional networking sites. Weekly thrice set 15 to 20 minutes to set up a great profile for yourself, connect with your current and former colleagues and surf around LinkedIn to find where you can get valuable features that are helpful for you. If you are a face-to-face networker then take part in more networking events. Set realistic goals like every month attending one networking event. Partner with somebody who has the same goals as you so you can stick with your plans. And make sure to find the events that are most appealing to you with great speakers, so you are more likely to attend the events with keen interest.

6. Develop a good relationship with your colleagues/boss

Many experts say that if there is one important professional relationship that you should persistently be focused on, it’s your relationship with your boss. They are the controller of your professional destiny so it's really important to develop a solid professional relationship with your boss. "How do you do this?" It comes from effective communication. Frequently update your boss about your progress on important projects. Let them know that you are keen to help them in any possible way. Ask their feedback on how you can be better at your work and what kind of expectations they are having from you. This way you can create a good professional bond with your boss.

Like your bond with your boss, your relationship with your colleagues also critical. It's not possible to get along with everybody at your workplace. Sometimes there is friction between colleagues but with the right communication, you can neutralize it. Make an effort to get to know your colleagues and offer your helping hand when they need it. Remember, always team looks good than just you.

7. Get better at your communication skills.

Communication skills appear in nearly every post related to professional growth and career development. Because enhancing your ability to communicate clearly and accurately will give you more career benefits. If you are a poor communicator it might be difficult for you to improve your professional relationships. If you think your business writing or speaking need some tweaks and improvements, consider taking an online course or adult education class to improve your communication skills. If you are a self-motivated person, you can also learn from books individually. With better communication skills, you can easily convey your points to other professionals which have a great impact on your career growth. Remember strong communication skills are what differentiate great employees from good ones. So this New Year put some extra effort on your communication skills.

Final Words

Hope these career resolutions will give you a good beginning for 2020. Usually once the second day of January hits, we get back into the routine and caught up in our everyday jobs and goals. But if you really want to accomplish your goals, make a clear roadmap to reach your goals. Set regular actions in your calendar to hustle your goals. One more thing if you want to be more optimistic this year, don't forget to take care of yourself, spend more time with your dear ones, do the things that make you happy, be content with the things that you have and smile often.

Guys, Let me know your career-related goals for 2020 in the comments section below!

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