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How to Tell a Better Brand Story on LinkedIn - Branding on LinkedIn

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Your LinkedIn page is the heart of your brand's online persona, yet most of us hardly consider what we’re present there. We serve up a varied buffet of our achievements, identities, missions, and passions for our audience to shovel through that overwhelm them. But, there is a simple yet most effective way to connect with your target audience. Yes, here we're talking about storytelling.

Storytelling is a prominent way to connect with your audience because we all love stories where logic and reasoning make a little impact as most of our thinking occurs subconsciously. Thus, it's a powerful tool to create a bond with your brand with millions of people. Fortunately, your professional audiences on LinkedIn expect to be taught, inspired and entertained, so you can easily connect and engage with them by creating emotional and visual stories on LinkedIn that provide a memorable experience for your audience.

Just imagine the impact you can have with each story you deliver as the owner of the brand. Sounds amazing, right?

Let's have a look at how to create the best stories on LinkedIn for your brand.

1) Guidelines to Create Best Stories

Here is a step-by-step guide to creating best stories on LinkedIn that connect your target audience with your brand.

1. Build your brand's LinkedIn Page

2. Create a content strategy incorporating with your goals that outline what you want to achieve on LinkedIn like generate leads or brand awareness. To achieve success, you need to offer valuable content that get your audience’s engagement. For this purpose, you need to have a deep understanding of your target audience which helps you to tell relatable stories to your audience that make them to connect and engage with your brand.

3. Be relevant to your audience by providing the information that draws their attention, topics that interest them, and solutions for the challenges they're facing.

4. Define your social media goals, they can be:

  • Displaying your brand's thought leadership
  • Building brand awareness
  • Generating leads
  • Driving more likes and comments on the content, also get more LinkedIn Page subscribers
  • Move your potential buyers to opt into a list or sign up to download an asset
  • Encourage buyers to choose your solution

Now you have a roadmap to create stories that are aligned with your audience's interests and your goals, it'll help you to satisfy both your audience and company needs.

2) Benefits of Storytelling on LinkedIn

Your LinkedIn Page can help you to keep your brand top at half a billion professionals' mind. Often LinkedIn page is one of the first pages LinkedIn members visit to learn about your brand. Thus, it gives you more chances to attract and interact with your target audience.

The posts you publish on your LinkedIn Page will appear in the news feed of each of your followers. So you can easily catch the eyeballs of your prospective customers by publishing relevant and creative content. Also, it helps to spread your brand's story fast.

Here are some of the other advantages of storytelling on LinkedIn:

  1. You can create authentic connections on LinkedIn by resharing the articles your employees are publishing on LinkedIn
  2. You can vitrine the best of your company by resharing the best mentions of your brand on LinkedIn
  3. You can highlight the Uniqueness of your company by sharing rich content like case studies, white papers, infographics, videos and other documents
  4. You can build thought leadership by providing the content that your target audience seeks and cares about
  5. You can grow your brand by regularly posting on your LinkedIn page and engaging with your followers by responding to their comments and feedback.
  6. You can generate traffic to your website by adding a button on your LinkedIn page that leads to your business website.

3) Characterize Your Brand in the Best Way Possible

Your pages are the voice of your brand on social media, so, you have to represent it well. By understanding your brand guidelines the way above and beyond and putting it in the best way forward, you can humanize your brand and show it in the best way possible on LinkedIn.

You can also use humor and take a contrarian viewpoint to entertain your audience while sharing your knowledge and information. This will give you a big score and boost the engagement of your audience with your brand.

4) Build Your Brand Trust

Building trust with your audience is more important than creating brand awareness and accomplishing your company's marketing goals. Remember, your target audience makes their decisions based on the stories and content you shared on LinkedIn, so, they need to trust the sources you're sharing on LinkedIn.

You can use your employees' voice on your LinkedIn Page to build trust and connections with your potential and existing customers. Don't forget your content quality and quantity also plays a big role in building trust in your brand. According to studies, the quality of writing and visuals is one of the most noticeable elements that people use to determine whether they can trust a brand's social media content.

The more humanize and relatable your content the more your audience will feel the connection with your brand and trust your brand in fulfilling their needs. So, when you're thinking about to share content on LinkedIn, ask yourself, “What value will your target audience get out of this content?" If your answer makes sense, you're good to go!

Get on Work

With all the needful insights in front of you, now, it's time to make your own brand story. Share great stories that instill confidence in your audience that your brand is the right choice for their needs. And, without much sweats, you'll reach your vision faster.

Ready to tell your brand story? Use the above insights to get started!

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