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Internet penetration growth in Sri Lanka 2018.

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Sri Lanka may seem like a small island lying in the middle of the potent Indian Ocean.Located southeast of Indian subcontinent.However, It has a significant population of 20.91 million in 2018. Sri Lanka has amused the attention of the world towards itself.The reasons may have been the most tender infrastructural, economic and social welfare growth to endemic natural resources . let's put all these facts aside for the moment and have a look at our recent growth of internet demand,social media ,mobile telecommunication and digital marketing.

Let's start with the internet penetration statistics

Internet as a medium has grown at a significant rate. Out of 20.91 million total population we have 6.71 million of internet users. which means 32% have access to the internet and are using relative gadgets and services without Intrusion. perusing the internet rate of Sri Lanka,It's is well ahead of it's fellow parts in South Asia like india,pakistan,nepal,and etc. Here is the internet Statistic of 2017. According to Dinesh Jebamani linkedIn
Digital data in sri lanka 2018 the country maintains an internet penetration growth rate of 7% annually.Around 32% of srilankan have access to the internet. So what is this 32% up to ? Let's check out the social media,mobile telecommunication and digital marketing connotation one by one.

Mobile Boom

Sri Lanka has 61.06% of overall mobile connectivity index score.Which means almost 27.38 million mobile connections exists in the country.Mobile penetration has risen from 126% in 2017 to 131% in 2018.The last three years in particular have seen very strong growth led by the market leader Dialog Axiata. Slow to moderate growth is predicted over the next five years to 2023.The market will be constrained from higher growth due to very strong local competition and a saturated mobile market.Ongoing growth in the telecoms market is likely to be spearheaded by data services(from both mobile and fixed sources).Demand for broadband data services driven by 4G adoption and increased smartphone penetration should drive reasonably strong growth in the local local market over the next few years.The market is now moving from 4G towards 5G mobile services.Dialog Axiata carried out a "5G" network capability trial with technology partners Ericsson and Huawei in colombo. The availability of eCommerce applications including mobile banking,e-ticketing and mobile points of sale continues to increase.This indicates that consumers are looking for more convenience by using smartphones.When the internet is easily accessible from the pockets of the consumers.Here is the Sundaytimes article about Smartphones penetration in Sri lanka.

Social Media Landscape

we are socializing virtually with people using computers and mobiles. 6 million of sri lankan are active users in social media.which is 29% of total sri lankan population.Here is the social media landscape in 2017. This is the social media stats of last 12 months According to Statcounter. Approximately 6 million users using face book .In which 32% of users are female,Facebook usage increased by 22% .Monthly 880 thousands users active in instagram. Viber , whatsapp and messenger lead the chat space among the sri lanka as well.Social media giving opportunities for Sri lanka's social and economic growths.

Digital marketing growth in Sri Lanka.


Internet penetration in Sri Lanka made several opportunities open to the marketers.Marketers have started to take advantage of it. Online advertising started alongside to the advertising and marketing through the elementary approach. Some websites started rising ,and marketers began to realize the worth of digital/online marketing.Still we need more people engagement.Because it was the beginning of the era of digital marketing.Also this current marketing world provided grand exposer to new entrepreneurs . digital marketing helps marketers to adapt according to the user experience and helps them to get a real time reviews from the product users.which would attract other customers towards them.

Srilankan have seen so many changes in lifestyles,as well as the changes in the corporate field.And we can expect more in the future as well. More people will get the internet opening,and they will spent more time on the internet.Social media and other online platforms going to be a communication media.

What do you think about it?Do you want to grab the wide opportunity?
Let's discuss the future of digital Srilanka in the comment box below!

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  1. Beacon's Avatar
    Very extensive well researched post about the trending Internet penetration stats in Sri Lanka, Keep going
  2. Bhavya's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Beacon
    Very extensive well researched post about the trending Internet penetration stats in Sri Lanka, Keep going
    Thank you so much for your appreciation Beacon


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