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Top 10 Incredible Sri Lanka's Attractions To Spend Your Weekend

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Sometimes all you need is a long weekend trip to get away from the daily routine and stress of work and home. The weekend gives you a fun, memorable and refreshing experience. In order to help you to plan a better weekend trip, Here I choose the top ten places to spend your weekend in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is a fascinating, magnificent country full of nature, wildlife, culture and smiling faces. Sri Lanka having a tourism boom. Each year more and more tourists visiting this gorgeous country. Planning a trip to Sri Lanka seems like hard to endure, But with a little guidance and expert advice, It speedily becomes more forthright. Let's Have a look at the top ten most beautiful places in Sri Lanka to Spend your weekend.

1. Colombo Galle Face Green Beach

Being the business and commercial capital of Sri Lanka, Colombo is metropolis city Which is abuzz with people and activity. Galle faces green beach situated in the heart of Colombo city. It is a majestic place to witness a glorious sunset over the western coast of Sri Lanka. Today Galle face beach is a favourite place for children, families, picnickers and lovers. It's a beautiful place to relax, enjoy the beach view and have varieties of meals. It has enough space to walk around, sit and fly kites. During the kites season, the sky over Galle face is hidden behind the colourful kites. Which bring joy to everyone.

If you enjoy people watching, you will be able to do a lot of observing at Galle face beach, As it attracts people from various cultures, ages and ethnicities. There are many small stalls along the beach site and they offer many goodies like food, drinks, toys, kites and trinkets. You can get the chance to taste the variety of foods and snacks there like prawn wadey,achcharu(pickle) and many more local foods. If you are worried about the sanitary of these stalls, There are many restaurants available close by where you could enjoy a healthy and tasty meal. The Kingsbury, Galle Face Hotel, Taj Samudra Colombo, Hilton and Colombo and Galadari Hotel are all in walking distance. Buses and Three wheelers constantly go past Galle Face, So you can enjoy the thrilling experience of travelling by tuk-tuk or bus While enjoying the old and modern architectural view of the majestic city. Colombo has it's own charm to spellbound you.

2. Galle - The Historic City

Galle is located in the southwestern point of Sri Lanka, It's one of the integral cities of Sri Lanka. Galle has a colourful beauty and history which make you speechless. The city is filled with "Dutch-colonial" buildings, the heavenly piece of arts and tropical settings which envy the man-made resorts and architects. Galle's history is a wonder in its own way. There are two main places to visit in Galle, The" Galle Fort" and "Unawatuna".Galle has a perfect combination of culture and beach. Galle city is surrounded by thick ramparts, You can walk along them and enjoy the view of the ocean, old prison between the ramparts and the waves, Also check out the lighthouse and the clock tower. While enjoying the impressive architecture of the ramparts. Unawatuna is the beach town in Galle, Has beautiful waves for surfing, Which is perfect for some fun in the ocean. Unawatuna is perfect for family trips as well. It's one of the "kid-friendly" beaches in Sri Lanka. There are so many restaurants and relaxing spots along the beachside. Have a dip in the ocean, enjoy the walk along the shore, eat some seafoods, drink some king coconuts and simply relax.

3. Sinharaja Rain Forest

Sinharaja Forest is a biodiversity hotspot and a national park in Sri Lanka. It is of international significance and has been preferred as a world heritage site and a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. Over 130 varieties of birds and species are found here including 33 endemic species to Sri Lanka. There also rich myriads of insects species and reptile population, many yet to be classified. Mammals displays here including the “giant squirrel” and the “purple-faced langur monkey”. Sinharaja is a home for the indefinable leopard. It is nicer to explore Sinharaja on foot, which gives you the truly amazing forest experience. The best starting point for visits is Kudawa to the North or Deniyaya Mederipitiya to the East. Sinharaja Forest is approximately 4 hours drive from Colombo. You can also Visit Sinharaja forest with a private day trip from Colombo.B y private air-conditioned vehicle, and explore the trails independently to spot lizards, birds, butterflies, and more. Afterwards, pack in more naturally with a bird watching trek outside the forest before returning. You can have your lunch once you come out of the jungle or ask your driver to arrange you a picnic meal so you can enjoy the meals during the visit while enjoying the nature view. The Forest is a maximum of 7 km from north to south and only 21 km from east to west, but it is a treasure of many unique endemic species including insects, trees, reptiles, amphibians, birds and mammals. Purple-faced langur is the biggest mammal in the forest. We can see the birds moving in a mixed feeding flock. The 20 rainforest species all befall here, Including green-billed coucal, red-faced malkoha and Sri Lanka blue magpie. There are the huge variety of amphibians, especially tree frogs, Invertebrates include the endemic butterflies, leeches and common bird wings.

4. Meemure - The Adventurous Village

Meemure is a small beautiful remote village in Sri Lanka, With a very small population of 400. It is situated between Kandy and Matale District in the array of Knuckles Mountain. Lakegala mountain in Meemure village is a pyramid mountain. It stands for many spotless ruins, including potholes with the mark of olden human inhabitation. Other mesmerizing attractions in the “Lakegala “area are, “Ravana waterFalls”, “Nawathna falls”and hiking trails in Lakegala deeps. “The village of Gala Muduna” is a beautiful tiny remote village in the south of Meemure with inhabitants of 20 families. Unblemished from the outside world. It is ironic with fauna and flora of the Knuckles. It gains its name, ”Gala Muduna,” because it’s position on a top of a huge rock. There are three primary rivers that initiate from the Knuckles and enter through the area; which are “Heen Ganga”, “Hulu Ganga” and “Kalu Ganga”. Heen Ganga, in precise, begins from eastern angles of the Knuckles range; flows roughly 36km through Corbett gap and Kalupahana; a lastly joins the Mahaweli, the longest river of Sri Lanka Olden forests and varied rocky plates line its banks. Where lies the absolute paradise of ringing waterfalls, potholes, and lively nature. Meemure is a paradise in the earth. Where you can view the wonders of nature.

5. Ella - The Little Adam's Peak

Ella is a small beautiful laid-back town surrounded by the attractive greens of tea. There are so many wonderful things to do in Ella. The mesmerizingly beautiful train journey from Nuwara Eliya to Ella will definitely make you fall in love with the environs. You will doubtlessly end up continuing your trip longer than you truly planned to. Ella has a satisfying climate where the nights are cool and the daytime approximately 28 degrees. Little Adam’s peak, From it’s upper you can enjoy the view over the valley, connect with the fellow travellers and relax. From Ella Town to the bottom of the mountain takes approximately 45 minutes to walk, and to reach to the top it will take about 15 minutes. The first 45 minutes are very pleasing to the eyes as well when you pass through tea plantations and a local village. The world-famous “Nine Arch bridge” is situated just outside of Ella Town and on the similar way as Little Adam’s Peak. With a tiny 30 minute stride over the woods, you will reach a part of beautiful structure concealed between luxurious green tea arenas. This is one of the actives you should do in Sri Lanka. You can have an astounding morning/afternoon visit Haputale Lipton Seat from Ella. In the morning, take a short train journey to Haputale. Once you reach the place, get a tuk-tuk which takes you up to the top, we're back in 1890, “mister Lipton”, implanted the first seeds of Lipton Tea. If you are up to a greater challenge, Just hike to the top of Ella Rock. You will laugh at Little Adam’s peak compared to this one. It takes closely 2 hours to climb from bottom to top. you can be done it with a guide’s help or do it on your own but please make sure you got the directions from somebody you can trust. If You plan it correctly, You can have a marvellous experience in Ella.

6. Adam’s Peak - The Mountain Of Paradise

Adam’s Peak also called as Sri Pada is a conical mountain standing tall in the central high ground of Sri Lanka. Hiking up the mountain is enormously Famous with both locals and tourists, who are attracted by its mystery as well as the captivating beauty they are pleased with at the topmost. The mountain is termed for a point nearby the summit that is holy to several beliefs: it is a worship place for Buddhists, who believe that the Buddha’s foot mark is placed here; Hindus believe the foot mark belongs to Lord Shiva; Christians and Muslims believe that it is Adam’s first footstep after being banished from the Garden of Eden. The mountain is also known for the enormous sight of thousands of beautiful butterflies adorning the area yearly. The trek contains 5,000–6,000 crumbling steps and slope hiking, Depending on the trails, the crowd and the Mountaineers’ capability, the mountain can take nearly two to four hours to hike and one to two hours to descend. The finest period to hike is between January and May when the climate is at its greatest, but do avoid days approaching the full moon and the week of the Sinhalese New Year (April 13/14) to avoid lengthy lines in the top. Aim to be at the summit at morning dawn as the sight of the sunrise is known to make climbers shudder in pleasure. Because it’s not a compound hike, a small backpack with simple requirements – snacks, water, a raincoat– will be sufficient, and a dry jersey will be useful for waiting for the sunrise once at the top. And don’t fo forget to bring your camera. Be prepared for hunger cramps. The only options for food along the way are wadeys, rotis and chickpeas, So bring your own food if you obey to a specific diet. Although the hike up will be hot and sweaty, the atmosphere nearby the top is tremendously chilly. Follow the inhabitants’ example and wear long jeans. Bring your caps, gloves and sweaters for the hike down. The long, hard climb up will be difficult without comfortable footwear, so prepare consequently. Those with knee pain should also remember to bring hiking poles or, at least, find a cane to lean on.

7. Pasikuda - The Green Beach

Pasikuda is Serving the Island as one of the major attractions for tourists, It is identified as one of the harmless beaches on the Island by many travelers. Pasikuda is situated in the Eastern province of Sri Lanka. The term “Pasikuda” was resultant from the significant meaning of “The Cape of Moss”. This Famous tourist terminus of Pasikuda is just 35 km away from the main city of Batticaloa. The beach of Pasikuda is one place no tourist would miss for its chance to relish at a crystal clear beach with a beautiful view throughout. Bay of Pasikuda is one that nature lovers have constantly admired for years for its exclusive attraction. The external bay magnets the attention of the scattered coral ridges fringed within which holds many other choral groups. One of the finest and furthermost famous reef schemes in the East of Sri Lanka was also proposed as a Marine sanctuary. At Pasikuda one cannot just relax on the beach having access to so many amusing beach games. Get in to the blue water and enjoy many water games as swimming, windsurfing and water skiing . Catch the sight of some tropical fishes and crystal coral reefs. The mixture of Kalkudah and Pasikuda beaches form an outstanding and beautiful blue and calm waters for one to relish a fresh dip. The Bay of Batticaloa is a necessity for any traveler dangling around to pay a visit before leaving this beautiful Island. The bay which is near is just about 32 km away from Pasikuda. Within the lagoon of Batticaloa, include of many Islands called as Buffalo Island, Bone Island and Puliyan Theevu Island which are linked with long bridges from the Lagoon for guests to relish a visit. The Kallady lagoon owns the main bridge joining to one of the Islands named as, “Lady Manning Bridge”. Having had fun at the Batticaloa Lagoon shouldn’t keep you gone from visiting the Ancient Dutch fort of Batticaloa. The fort which is sited on the heart of Batticaloa town; Puliyan theevu Island is bordered by the lagoon from two edges and has a four-sided construction. The plan for the fort is to be altered in to a museum and a meeting hall in the long term. Pasikuda, unquestionably would be a exciting experience in your whole tour experiences. Having presented you with the greatest beach holiday on the Island, one can relax to heart’s happiness. Leave behind every pressure and adore the moment at Pasikuda. Meet new friends and relish while at the same time suffering a whole different and delicious variability of foods. Let the blue waters of Pasikuda drive you to an fantasy terminus you’d hope never to re occurrence.

8. Jaffna Dutch Fort

An Enduring legacy of the nation’s majestic past, and currently a oceanic inheritance, the well-known Jaffna Dutch Fort , was the provocation of the Portuguese who built it in 1618. And It was re-structured by Dutch colonizers who attained the Fort in 1680. The old structure, designed similar as a pentagon, is a mark of Dutch style architecture. The five mainstays were termed, after provinces of the Netherlands-Holland, Zeeland, Gelderland, Friesland and Utrecht. The interior work of the Fort has, with the period, seen buildings such as the military barracks, Dutch Lieutenant Governor’s residence, powder magazines, a Dutch Reformed Church, warehouses, guardrooms, a jail , police quarters and court house become mere stone fragments. Yet, the black coral and limestone outer structure still ruins solid. The great rampart overseeing the tunnel system and the ocean are an evidence to the talent and readiness to downfall any weapons from outside. The Dutch badge is still noticeable at the entry of the Fort. Inside, there is an amazing contract to sightsee amid the ruined structures, the tower of perchance the Dutch Reformed Church stand-up alone within the fragments of the olden. The many battlements, such as the dry ditch , raveling and the moat are typical fort barricades. The drain in the outer bastion is a sequence of five channels, which have been preserved. A stride along the rampart and in the lands is a truly thrilling experience and of course, gives enough time to sightsee and realize the design as well as firmness of the Fort. It is quite dreamy to witness the sunset from the rampart.

9. Wilpattu National Park

Wilpattu preserve was acknowledged as a National Park in 1938, Wilpattu National Park is sited on the west coast nearby to the ancient city of Anuradhapura . The dry region wilderness is hoarsely grown. Wilpattu National Park is home for many villus, or natural ponds which spot in the land of Wilpattu National Park. These lakes hold rainwater, thus are important for occupant and travelling water-birds. The past of the park is also of curiosity with early ruins having been discovered in Wilpattu National Park. Queen termed “Kuweni” is alleged to have survived in the place known as Kalli Villu. Ancient mark also shows the fact that Prince Saliya, son of King Dutugemunu also lived in Wilpattu over 2,000 years ago. There are nearly 30 species of mammals in the Wilpattu National Park which contain the Sri Lankan Elephant, Sri Lankan Sloth Bear Sri Lankan Leopard, Buffalo, Sambar, Mongoose and Sri Lankan Spotted Deer. Swamp bird types found in the Wilpattu National Park include the Garganey, Whistling Teal, Pin tail, Spoonbill, White Ibis, Cattle Egret, Purple Heron and Large White Egret, Also, numerous classes of Gulls, Terns, Kites, Owls and Eagles are also exists here. The endemic Sri Lanka Forest birds, Little Cormorant and the Painted Stork can also be seen. Wilpattu is situated 30 kms north of Puttalam, about 190 kms from Colombo. Wilpattu National Park spreads from the northwest coast near the internal ancient capital city of Anuradhapura which is around 50 km to the east of the Park, sheltering 425 sq miles around. The way from Colombo is through Negombo, Chilaw, Palaviya and Puttalam, The Park has the office at the main entrance where one can obtain a ticket and enter the park. However this National Park can be visited during anytime of the year, February to October is the best time.

10. Dambulla Golden Temple.

Dambulla Rock Cave Temple can be reached by approaching from Kandy along A9 road which turns up through Dambulla and Anuradhapura, or straight from Colombo. Situated at an elevation of 1118 feet from the sea level, the Dambulla increases as a huge rock from the nearby plains of Dambulla. It is home to the World’s greatest much-admired Cave compound of wonderful Buddha Imageries and Rock Canvases of bright colors and figures created and dyed from around the 2nd Century BC and sustained up to the Kandyan era of the 18th Century, thus founding an continuous line of history and painting styles of Sri Lanka through 2500 years. Visit the main and best-preserved cave temple compound in the country, the Golden Temple of Dambulla, a UNESCO World Heritage Place. This splendid hanging rock temple lofty 600 ft tall and near to 2000 ft in extent was where King Vattagamini Abaya acquired shelter from foreign attack in the first century BCE, who out of thankfulness for having provided refuge revolved the cave compound into a rock temple. Stroll up the grade of the Dambulla Rock; be received by crowds of wild monkeys as they sit behind the fenced wall and talk loudly, be enthralled by the picturesque view of the surrounding areas and a sight of the Sigiriya Rock – as it growths up to the sky. There are 80 recognized Caves in the locality of the Golden Temple of which five own the greatest appeal with its beautiful archaeological structures; traditional mural paintings on the roof and walls portraying the life of the Buddha along with 157 Buddha figures of variable sizes amid other exciting artifacts.


Sri Lanka undoubtedly has so many to keep you busy when it comes to exploration and sightseeing. As an island country, it also has a boundless source of beaches, forests, hill stations, National parks, historical places and man-made fancy resorts to make your weekend tours more interesting. Above I chose my top most favorite weekend spots to share with you guys!

What is your favorite place in Sri Lanka? Share your experiences and thoughts below

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  1. Moana's Avatar
    Hi There Bhavya!

    You have shared some of the real best places that is just manipulating me to dive into for this weekend (maybe!), really love the photos. I'm really looking forward to visit at least 2 places pretty soon.

    Thanks for the information. Keep going, I wish you all the very best
  2. Bhavya's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Moana
    Hi There Bhavya!

    You have shared some of the real best places that is just manipulating me to dive into for this weekend (maybe!), really love the photos. I'm really looking forward to visit at least 2 places pretty soon.

    Thanks for the information. Keep going, I wish you all the very best

    Thank you for your wishes Mona,Hope you visit the places soon.
  3. Beacon's Avatar
    Superb post! Personally, I'v visited Jaffna Dutch fort, Dambulla Golden Temple, Wilpattu National Park, Galle, Galleface Beach, Pasikuda, Adam's peak ! The highlight is with no doubt that's Adam speak
  4. Bhavya's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Beacon
    Superb post! Personally, I'v visited Jaffna Dutch fort, Dambulla Golden Temple, Wilpattu National Park, Galle, Galleface Beach, Pasikuda, Adam's peak ! The highlight is with no doubt that's Adam speak
    Wow,you've visited seven places out off the above ten.Why do you like Adam's peak the most? Any specific reason?


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