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Instagram changed the way we Eat

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Food has inevitably turned out to be a form of social currency. There is no surprise that the meals we make are becoming brighter and more photogenic. But does #instafood taste as good as they look in the pictures?

Most of us love food sharing. Not certainly in the real sense, since that would mean giving something delicious to others. That gesture is kept for the folks who are dear to us. But for the rest of the universe, the school friends and the casual followers and our inquisitive family and friends, we share the food with them through online. We are sharing more food in this method than we did ever before and an enormous volume of this food-centric hungry media spins around food photography and quick videos on platforms like Instagram, Facebook and snap chat.

Instagram is manipulating and changing the way we eat and what we eat. It is changing the way restaurateurs’ market themselves and showcases their dishes as well.

We generally take photos of our food and spend a lot of time fussing over the picture quality, regulating the filters for sharpness, brightness and adding fitting hashtags to publish it online. Even before we have tasted the food.

On Instagram, nearly 200 million posts have been tagged with the hashtag of “food” from the time when it was started in 2010. Food offers itself attractively to the smartphone using consumers who like to take photos and share them online. Nowadays many individuals spend time out of home for making an enjoyable experience. Even though shopping can be done through online, so one is more likely to step out to have fun that could be dining out or watching a film.

For restaurateurs who are continuously watching at ways to engross with customers, Instagram is a boon for them. Instagram being involved in the development of “food porn”, there is an intellect of “belongingness” every time people post pictures of a trending food item or a meal at a fashionable new place. On the reverse, some folks buying meals for Instagram posting purposes only.

Digital Gastronomic Love

The world remains to turn towards food porn movement is still in trend and people have turn out to be more familiar to the reality that the camera eats first. Digital food love is something that has opened our eyes and mouths to the world of food and sophisticated our tastes. We have been faster to pick up on the fashions on the other part of the globe and have made our fascination with food more deceptive. Table courteousness may have been forfeited because of it, but public seem to have already pardoned, forgotten, and well acknowledged the habit. Just make sure to don’t make the error of putting food on the ground for a flatly snap. That is taking it a bit too far.

Foods are becoming bolder, brighter and more photogenic. But does this #instafood or #foodporn taste good as they look in the pictures? Can snapping a photograph of our food before we consume change our eating experience of the meal?

Mass Demand

In his Gastrophysics: The New Science of Eating book, , Gastrophysicist Charles Spence describes the consequence of food pictures on our brains, he says “In terms of the brain’s response to pictures of tasty or extremely desirable foods, study shows an extensive activation of mass areas of brain with the taste and reward areas”.

“Currently, the pictorial appearance of a meal is just as significant as the taste or flavour of the food itself.”

People have been making delicious, sumptuous-looking meals for years. The causticness lies in the fact that those foods would have been made with very little attention to their appearance, they tasted good and provided nutrition. But nowadays restaurants are tilted in the direction of the #foodporn movement even more, by making foods that will snap well for Instagram.

Click and Share

Food photography forces us to collaborate with what is on our plate via camera viewpoints, lighting, composition, and prop location. This time-consuming procedure builds expectancy for what is to come, making that first chew all the worthier.

Search any Instagram hashtag relating to food and you are to be expected to bomb with picture after picture of delicious meals. No one needs to caption the photograph saying it’s delightful or delicious; all they need to do is that to click a good Instagram selfie of the food.

If we obtain flawlessly presented food, we are better able to taste the food and enjoy it more. Posting food on our Instagram can change our interactions with food on a fundamental level. When we take an image of our food, we take a good time to enjoy it, share it and be proud of it.

Research published in the Journal of Consumer Marketing contained three studies with more than 120 members each. The first study discovered the effect of snapping food before eating and the outcomes showed that those who were made to take photographs of a red velvet cake professed it to be more delicious than those who didn’t.

The second study discovered the variance between snapping healthy and indulgent foods. Contestants who were told their cake was made with indulgent ingredients believed that their cake got a better rating than those who were told their cake was made with healthier ingredients. The third study disclosed that snapping healthy foods before eating can lead to the better delight of the food, more than the contestants usually would.

New Trend in Digital Marketing

Outstanding the popularity of Facebook, Instagram’s influence is incontestable. Boosting nearly 800 million monthly users, Instagram is changing how the hospitality businesses present their meal to hungry, captive consumers. It is not surprising that what we see turn out to be what we eat. Industries are now connecting the power of Instagram as their newest digital marketing approach.

If millennial folks use food photographs to choose where to eat in the first place, then why not board them via the app they look more frequently?

For numerous small businesses, this new method of digital marketing aids them to keep their commercials alive. Photographs with restaurants location tagged inspire those who eat with their eyes to visit a certain restaurant. Every photogenic meal lets diners to visually share their experience in a technique that is far more perceptible than the word of mouth.

Final Thoughts

Food is no longer just about satisfying our taste buds. Progressively, it is becoming more as feeding our eyes and social media feeds. Our quest for likes shouldn’t overpower the art of pleasure. The unconcealed delight comes when we actually enjoy a food. So first satisfy your taste buds then you can satisfy your Insta Followers by giving them a visual feast.

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