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Simple Guide to Overcome your Smartphone Addiction

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We are living in an era of continuous digital distraction. Most studies say people check their smartphones about 150 times a day. The average individual spends nearly 4 hours a day on the phone. That is 28 hours a week. That is a part-time job and it’s practically a full-time job.

But that’s only the average person. Think about you, how much time you actually spend on your Smartphone?

The yearning to pick up our Smartphones is akin to our other forms of behavioural addiction. Such as shopping addiction, gambling and etc. It discharges a small amount of dopamine in several areas of our brain and makes us coming back for more, even though we realize that it’s not in our best interest to do so.

Therefore, the question is not “Are we distracted by our phones?” but “How can we freed from our addiction to phone distraction so that we can focus more on the things that really matter to us?”

Here are some simple hacks to overcome your phone addiction and reprogram your behaviour

Make an agenda for your Phone usage

The very basic step you can take to preventing yourself off your smartphone is simply setting alarms to insist on how frequently you can check your phone. The first start with 15 minutes, then shift it to 30 minutes, 45 minutes, or an hour. When the alarm you set rings, you can allow yourself one minute time to going through all the notifications and again retune your alarm time.

To lessen your reply-anxiety keep yourself accountable and avoid inconvenience tell your close friends and family that you may not be replying to their messages as fast as you used to.

Turn off all the push notifications on your phone

You don’t need to be disturbed by each and every “like” that your latest Instagram photo gets or with the notification that your much-loved podcast released a new episode. Turn off the push notifications for as many apps as you can It’s an easy technique to lessen your phone addiction. Just go to Notifications in the settings to regulate your preferences.

Take off distracting apps from your home screen

“Too much phone usage is an unconscious behaviour, you keep moving from Facebook to Instagram, to checking the weather, to texts.” To avoid this continuous usage of the phone, keep the apps that you want to inspire yourself to use, like reading or learning apps in the front and centre but exile the apps that you want to limit your time with to the second page of your phone. Through this, you can cut down on the “accidental” time-sucks that occur when you just start tapping on your phone.

Limit social media usage

While you would like to think that you are really being productive on your smartphone, you possibly aren’t. Except, you are a boss and are continually emailing business professionals.

Though, our phone itself isn’t the cause we are so preoccupied with it. It’s all those social media apps. if you did make a promise that you will never use your smartphone’s social media apps again, you would just be lying to yourself. After all, there is no point in having those inviting apps on your smartphone if all you are going to do is "swear" that you will never use them. In its place, you should do some spring dusting on your smartphone and eliminate some of those social media apps.

Kick your phone out of bed

“Don’t allow your smartphone to be the last object you see at night and the first gadget you check in the morning”. By using a regular alarm clock and keeping your smartphone out of reach, you won’t be attracted to begin your day by receiving an avalanche of messages and updates.

Focus more on face-to-face communication

How many times have you been to dine with your friends and everybody is encased in their smartphones until the meal comes to the table? It occurs all the time, right?

Your social media accounts can wait till after lunch. Really, you don’t need to take a picture of the food. Your Instagram followers will live without it. However, a single Instagram picture will only lure you to open those new notifications. On Twitter and those WhatsApp messages. Don’t give into your addiction, no matter how innocent that Insta-worth picture might seem. Instead of it, just put your smartphone into your pant pocket and engage in the real talk when you are hanging out with your friends and family.

Use a wristwatch

We use the time as an excuse to continually check our phone. Wearing a watch benefits to diffuse the need to use your smartphone as a time-telling object. Additionally, it gives you a cool new mode to accessorize. Except, you have been wearing watches for years, then it gives you a fascinating old way to ornament. If wrist watches are not your thing, try a pocket watch. After all, the clock on your smartphone is getting really tired of your continuous checking.


Applying these tactics isn’t easy. It needs battling our ordinary habits of digital distraction. But the final reward is enormous. Irrespective of which method you choose to prevent yourself from your smartphone, you can simply mix and match your approaches, so that you can start mingling with people in the real world. You know that thing that happens away from your smartphone screen. In a world where distraction has developed as a cultural norm, your aptitude to skillfully navigate these forces and be able to manage attention will give you the definitive competitive edge.

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