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12 Great Ways to Motivate Yourself Every Day

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Some days we wake up all motivated and ready to rock the day and some days we feel heavy and it becomes hard to find that inner drive to get going. But we should remember it's always our choice, whether we want to be miserable or motivate ourselves. When you are physically and mentally drained use these below tactics to overcome those hurdles and motivate yourself to do something wonderful every day.

1. Every day morning review your goals.

Sometimes life events get in your way and distract you from your goals and tasks. So to keep yourself on track, when you wake up in the morning review your goals and tasks then plan a method to achieve them. this will help you to evaluate what's going on in your life and allows you to make your goals more Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-sensitive (S.M.A.R.T). This will also help you to keep yourself accountable.

2. You deserve to take a break.

Between your work and your family, your life becomes chaotic and makes you exhausted and burnt out. Even though you don't have the time to take a vacation, you can take one or two days leave from your work to decompress yourself. Create time to relax and rest make you perform at an optimal level. By taking a small break from your routine help you to recharge yourself and you can return to your work with renewed enthusiasm.

3. Be happy and have fun

We use to procrastinate things when we are not in a good mood. Combating procrastination is the best way to stay productive and keep ourselves moving forward in life. So keep yourself happy to avoid procrastination. To keep yourself happy surround yourself with positive minded people, show your gratitude, do charity, celebrate your small wins, do the things you enjoy and keep smiling. Also, add some fun in your daily work like put on some music and dance while you are cleaning your household. These things make you energetic that will help you to complete your work.

4. Make your to-do list into half

Long lengthy lists are always the roadblocks in our success. Slashing your to-do lists into half make to more realistic and achievable. This will allow you to focus on the easiest to complete item first. According to studies if you have more than seven tasks in your list you won't complete any of them and if you have three tasks in your list the chances to finish those three tasks is high.

5. Celebrate your small wins

Celebrating your small wins can help you to develop a positive habit and it will remind you how to win. These small victories make you be constructive about your failures which allow you to learn from your setbacks. By celebrating your small wins you can motivate yourself to achieve your big goals.

6. Be kind with yourself

When you fail at something, it’s usual to fall into the trap of beating yourself. This will make you feel worse and demotivated. Instead of being tough on yourself, begin to be kind with yourself. This will help you to be constructive about your failures which will allow you to learn from your failures and these lessons help you to take small steps forward to your success.

7. Be your own comparison

The mistake we usually do is comparing ourselves with others. Comparing yourself with others who are far ahead of you make you demotivated and slow down your process. There is a saying "Don't compare your chapter one with another person's chapter twenty", So stop comparing yourself with others instead of it, compare yourself to yourself and measure how far you have come in the way that will boost your self-confident and you will work more enthusiastically.

8. Accept your vulnerability

You can cultivate a powerful motivation by sharing your failures and admitting your defeats and this will help you to move from your failures. Work through your emotions instead of ignoring them. Sharing about your vulnerable moments help you to build a deeper connection with peers. So never hesitate to accept your vulnerability.

9. Cultivate motivation from others

Stop spending time with the negative minded people who always spot the dark side of the things and spend more time with the positive minded people who are enthusiastic and let their positive energy to flow through you. When you need extra motivation, you can turn to the words and arts from successful people. You can listen to inspiring music which will lighten up your mood, read motivational books and quotes from successful individuals that can immediately lift your spirit and make you more optimistic.

10. Exercise daily

Doing exercise not only make your body fit, but it will help you to get rid of your stress and tension. Exercise also boosts your endorphins which help to increase blood circulation, brain function and lighten up your mood as well. This will help you to keep yourself energetic and productive.

11. Avoid distraction and stay focus.

In this current technology, you can easily get distracted. So cut off all the distraction because these distractions not only divided your focus but sometimes disturb your moods and demotivate yourself. To keep yourself focused put your smartphone on silent mode and listen to music to isolate yourself from the outer noises and talks. The focus is the important quality to achieve our success. So always be focus to accomplish your life goals.

12. Be grateful for what you have in life

When you are feeling low, you tend to see your life in a negative view. You automatically focus on what hasn't achieved in your life. But when you focus on things you have achieved in your life It will recharge you with positivity and motivation. Always appreciate what you have in your life and be grateful for them.


People often say that motivation doesn't last longer, but if we have someone to motivate us all the way long we can make a big difference in this world. The above motivation tips help you to be that someone for yourself.

Friends, if you find this blog really helpful, do share it with the people who need a daily dose of motivation.

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