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The Easter Sunday Nightmare: Sri Lanka expects a massive revenue loss.

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The recent terrorist attack that happened on the 21st of April 2019, was a devastating moment for the entire country. An unexpected turn! The explosion took place on the Holy Easter Sunday where a recording of three luxury hotels and churches in the capital Colombo and across Sri Lanka was targeted in a series of interrelating suicidal bombings. With an unendurable loss of almost 253 citizens
with 500 more of the injured .During the explosions at least 42 foreign nationals were killed .

This year Sri Lanka seemed to hit the first position in traveller's spots according to Lonely Planet in 2019. Sri Lanka holds the third largest foreign exchange earner with an income of over $4.4 billion the previous year, and 11.6% from 2017. Hence, a fundamental revenue of $ 5 billion and three million tourist arrivals was anticipated this year.

As stated by, ''The Hotels Association of Sri Lanka (THASL) President Sanath Ukwatte, is estimating a massive loss of $ 1.5 billion in tourism earnings this year, especially from the hotels. With an estimation of 135,000 to 150,000 employees are straight employed in the hotel industry.

Due to the spate of terrorist attack, The Sri Lankan Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management (SLITHM) are unable to provide an accurate statistics on the cancellations of hotel reservations.

Government's forthcoming support:

The tourist's contribution to Sri Lanka's GDP growth this year exceeded a percentage of 11. Examining the impact of the Easter Sunday attacks over the individual sectors. The Government will investigate and add measures to support furthermore the destructive situation of the country.

The count of death from the strategic Easter Sunday nightmare's attack was a terrible disaster for the whole nation. The loss from tourism revenue and hotels has risen from past counts.

Catholic churches in Western province cancels Sunday mass over new bomb panics:

This unexpected attack feared all the entire citizen's, which made the Sri Lankan Roman Catholic Churches to cancel all the Sunday Mass services due to the fears of new bomb attacks. Particularly the mass that is going to be called off on the 5th of May. President Sirisena has made a statement that there could be possibilities of Foreign Masterminds behind this huge unforeseen scenario.

The Social Media ban elevation:

The Sri Lankan government imposed a ban on Social Media platforms around 2 pm right after the attack with the intention to stop rumours getting spread all over Sri Lanka.
The ban on the Social Media Channels such as Facebook, Viber & Whatsapp immediately right after the horrific explosions might bring a huge negative impact on businesses as well.

More attacks to approach:

Officials have warned that there could be a further forthcoming wave of attacks. More resources have further noticed that people dressed in military uniforms using a vehicle could be implied in the attacks.

Furthermore, the state has warned that there might be waves of unexpected terrorist attacks with no little warning, targeting markets, hospitals, hotels, places of worship, airports & public areas.

After the civil war came to an end,we had 10 years of peaceful life, once again Sri Lanka has been pushed to the feet of war and fear because of this terrorists attacks .In the tourism industry when something devastating happens the reaction becomes very fast and effective,at the same time the recovery is also very fast. Sri Lanka is now on its off season so we can expect a recovery before the season time start.

However, The entire citizens are expecting that Sri Lanka will bounce back to become a stable economy soon, giving a high growth opportunity for foreign investors (FDI) and an attractive destination for tourists.

What do you guys think on this, do you reckon a massive changeover after the tremendous damage will be made by the Sri Lankan government with the help of overseas?

Beyond everything, we are all Sri Lankan's and it's time for us to stand together as one soul.

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