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7 Ways AI and Machine Learning Support to Control the Climate Change.

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Climate change is one of the greatest threats our humanity facing. So, we need to do every possible thing to solve the problem. And we have two tools in our climate-change-halting toolbox: Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. By applying the machine learning and AI technology we can get to know the present realism of climate change, forecast future climate changes and create new products and services to decrease the impact on human. In this way we can save lives and create a healthier world for living.

Letís check out how this AI and machine learning technology going to help us to tackle the climate change.

1. Climate Study through Big Data.

We can investigate flood of data through machine that is created daily from monitors, radars and gauges to spot the patterns mechanically and swiftly. By inspecting those data about the changing condition of the earth's land surfaces we can get a very accurate report of how our world is changing. We can generate improved climate mockups If we are more precise about the present condition of our climate. These data can help us to identify our biggest risk zones and vulnerabilities. The earlier information of climate change such as hurricanes, higher temperatures and rising sea levels, help us to respond in a better way to the impact of them.

2. Developing Better Solutions for Climate Change.

With the help of AI and machine learning researchers can test out their theories and find out climate friendly innovations to reduce the climate pollution. Green Horizon Project from IBM is the best example to itís this project examines the environmental data to predict the climate change then according to the data they plan pollution reducing tactics to minimize the effect of climate change.

3. Detect about Deforestation and Agrarian Discharges.

Orangery gases come from the demolition of trees and other plant lives which has taken carbon through the photosynthesis process over millions of years. So, because of unsustainable farming and deforestation carbon being freed back into the air, but using AI and satellite imagery, we can protect these natural carbon sinks by locate whether this is happening or not.

4. Low-carbon Materials creation.

Production of concrete and steel is the reason for 9% of global emissions of greenhouse gases. Machine learning help us to develop low-carbon alternatives to these materials so we can reduce the amount of greenhouse gases emissions.AI aids researchers to model the properties and create interactions of new chemical compounds and by using them researchers can discover new low-carbon materials.

5. Create More Efficient Transportation.

Quarter of global energy-related CO2 emissions caused by two-thirds of road users. With machine learning and electricity systems we could make the transportation area more efficient, increasing vehicle efficiency, reduce the number of wasted travels, and changing to low-carbon options like rail. AI's autonomous vehicles also help us to make more pollution free transportation.

6. Tools to Reduce Individuals Carbon Footprints.

Individuals can take meaningful action to reduce climate change effects. Machine learning could help to calculate the amount of an individualís carbon footprint and addressing the small changes they could make to reduce it, like using public transport more, reducing electricity use in houses or buying less meat.

7. Better Predictions of Weather Event.

If there are earlier signs of a catastrophic weather event the we can reduce the damage to human lives and property. There are machine learning algorithms that help to identify atmospheric rivers and tropical cyclones. The earlier signs of severe weather will help people to respond and protect themselves.


Climate change is a huge issue and itís worsened by many people including the profit-driven organizations and individuals who arenít ready to welcome the change. Thus, we can slow down the damage caused by climate change by the smart use of AI and machine learning . As the responsible citizen of earth every one of us takes the responsibility to reduce the effects of climate change.

Guys, If I have missed out any other ways, let me know them in the comments and also leave your opinions about AI and climate change.

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