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5 Ways to Harnessing the Power of Habits to Establish Success Routines.

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We live so much of our lives on autopilot. Everyday we live our lives pretty much the same way we lived the previous day. From our morning routine to our dinner with family in the evening. Every action of our lives controls by a mass of habits.

Definitely, this is not an unhealthy thing, Routines supports us to modernize the choices we make in our lives. But there are some habits that cause us downright destruction. Those habits make us to financially ruin, send ourselves into the grave or make us settle for a life that is less than our best. Habits can do all these things without our notice. But we can harness our habits to progress our living.

Let's check out how we can harness the power of habit to improve our lives.

1. The maze and the mouse research

Visualize a T-shaped maze and a mouse is positioned in the bottom of the T in front of an entrance. There is a piece of cheese at the upper left of the T. A ringing sounds when the door opens, and the mouse starts to snort its way to the top of the T. It’s a simple maze so the mouse can discover the cheese quickly.

What was the process going on the mouse’s brain as it chased for the cheese? With the use of electrodes, specialists found that the mouse’s brain waves were very active and energetic when it was searching for the cheese and when it finally found the cheese. But when the run through the maze was repeated again and again, the mouse got faster and better at discovering the cheese and the brain activity reduced as the mouse became more comfortable with the procedure. Discovering the cheese had become a habit to it. The activity of brain diminished while the mouse searched for the cheese and found it.

The researchers breaking down this process to a habit loop, and they discovered these three parts: cue, routine, and reward.

2. The Parts of Habit Loop

In the research, the ringing sound was the cue for the mouse, crossing the maze was the routine and the cheese was the reward. We can find this habit loop in our own lives as well.

Just, take a coffee break in the mid-afternoon as an example. Whether you are at your home or at work. At a particular time, every day you need to prepare a coffee to drink. In this case, the time based is a cue, preparing coffee is the routine, and having a coffee is the reward. We can put on this theory to every kind of habits in our lives, whether it’s exercise, diet or some other habits. Once we recognize the habit loop in our lives, we can start to change it and that brings us the habit change.

3. The Excellent Rule of Habit Change

Focus on the routine to make a habit change in your life. The first step for it to find the three elements of the habit loop in your habit. Then work to change your routine while keeping the same cue and reward.

Find out the habits you want to change then identify the true reward and make changes if it’s necessary after that you can change your routine to get your reward. It’s much easier than we think to change a routine. Now you are thinking that all these sounds too easy, yes you’re right. Just believe that change is possible then you can achieve it.

4. Have Solid Confidence

Confidence is critical. You must believe that you can do it, that you can effectively change a habit. If you see others doing what you want to do then you can accomplish it too. What once appeared impossible was again accomplished. That’s the power of confidence. It can come from a faith or just changing the information you put into your brain through the books you read or the articles you read on websites.

There is a difference between beginning a new habit and changing an old habit. While the routine is key to changing an old habit, the cue is the key to starting new habits. Confidently focus on those keys to make a change.

5. Experiment with Your Habits

Don’t underrate the struggles of changing habits. You need to experiment and be ready to fail a few times because not everything you try will work out. Even it will take time to identify the cues and rewards of an existing habit. So be ready to experiment with your habits before you make them solid.

In Closing……

Habit change takes lots of effort, continuous practice, focus and feedback. Focus on a single habit at a time and work on it. Pick something small and make yourself master on that. From there you will have the power to make bigger changes in all areas of your life.

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