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Online portfolio gives you a superpower to market yourself.

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[IMG]A personal portfolio can be considered as an evidence to organize all your accomplishments throughout the life. Most probably a portfolio is containing a sample of your works such as the various things you have done, experiences, achievements, the things you have learnt and your accomplishments.

In the journey of your life, you should create it on what you are passionate about. So as a step for that, an online portfolio can be considered. It presents the details about you which will be helpful for the job seekers. But most probably a less amount of people are maintaining their own portfolio.Now let's see why you should maintain a portfolio to highlight yourself among the others.

1. To add an extra value to your job application.

Beyond your resume and the cover letter, this will be an extra thing which will help you to market yourself.
By this, you are getting the ability to show more about you other than things you are including in your resume.
Also, it will be an evidence as it is containing photos, videos, and links.

2. Organize everything on a single page.

Itís easier rather than handling documents for each and everything. An online portfolio is a single place where everyone can easily access. So all the professional materials and information about you can be easily accessible online. You just have to give the link for someone who wants to get to know about you.

3. Serve as a confidence booster

An online portfolio is wonderful confidence booster are you agree? When all your skills are arranged in a order it can
easily reflect the professional growth of you other than in a document. Also, it makes easier to identify the fields where you should improve in yourself.

4.Increase the Visibility

A portfolio can be created with different attractive methods including various attractive features other than a resume or a document. When you are facing for an interview or applying for an interview almost all the applicants are applying for the job with their resumes. So if you are able to apply for a job with your portfolio you can be unique among other persons as the portfolio increase the visibility of you for the interview panel.

So finally I have to ask you why are you still waiting to create a portfolio? Start it now.
It will help you to market yourself in this competitive job market. How to create a portfolio?
What are the things you have to consider when you are building a portfolio?
Iíll just give a small idea for you.

1. First, be thoughtful about what you are going to include,
Don't make it overwhelming and make it easy to navigate. Make it simple.

2. Show you unique capabilities in the highlighted way.

3. Give your self-introduction smoothly in your own words.
There donít forget to include your key skills and give a stronger sense out to show who you are.

4. Keep everything organized.
Donít make it messy. Make it easier for the viewer to understand by looking at it.

5. Update it in an attractive way.
Donít forget to include the details of your accomplishments and experiences with photos and all in a well-organized and attractive manner. Make it to give an idea at a glance.

Hope you will create a fantastic online personal portfolio and take the advantage to market yourself in the job market.



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