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The Percentage Of World's Debt By Country!

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Could A Country Survive Without Borrowing A Debt? The Answer Is Certainly No!

Even the richest country in the world relies for a debt over another country. This might sound a little awkward but it truly does!Every second, it seems, someone somewhere in the world takes on more debt, it could be a country or even an individual citizen. A government debt can be simply defined as the value of buns and other debt securities which is intentionally issued by the national government itself and will be taken back by its full faith and credit.

Why Do Governments Borrow Money? Of Course,

it is when the country's government runs in deficit (when the money they take from every individual citizen in the form of tax tends to decrease in time than the money they spend). If the government's GDP ratios exceeds the government’s debt then it turns out to be a serious issue to every citizens of the country, where as it probably means the government has to raise its revenue via taxation perhaps which in turn automatically will affect the living standards of the citizens!

The info graph given above clearly explains the recent survey that has been estimated by The IMF about the world's current debt scenario. According to the research that was made by the IMF, The United States ranks up at the first place (31.8% share of global debt) and (107.1% Debt-To-GDP, positive thing to be reminded of!) This information clearly indicates that The United States has been leading the world with roughly the highest amount in the debt borrowed which ought to be pretty shocking! The second largest country is, Japan with a percentage of (18.8% share of global debt) and (239.3% in Debt-to-GDP) However Lebanon holds the 3rd place in the Debt-To-GDP ratio (with a percentage of 149) and (a 0.1% in share of Global Debt)

Greece and Portugal are at its peak on their debt level which must be put into a real consideration. As stated from the above given info graph the percentage of the level of debt borrowed by both the countries clearly brings out an image of these countries getting way up tighter to pay back to its external creditors.

The IMF has warned Greece that if this situation tends to be continued like this current parade, it will hit a percentage of 275% in the Debt-To-GDP by 2060(Sounds really hectic!) As per the result shown above the rest of the countries such as Vietnam and Philippines are really suffering to pay back its money. Though Japan has a high rise of a 239% of Debt-To-GDP, its domestic debt is over 90% healthy, which seems to be a HOORAY TO JAPAN!
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