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5 Phishing Techniques You Need To Be Aware Of!

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As technology is in the desperate rule of the world and is more in advance, cybercriminals are becoming, more advanced in knowledge as well. A phishing attack is where a cybercriminal targets a specific victim by sending an email to the victim in order to extract information that he/she needs. It is a must for every business especially in IT sectors to be aware and revolve a knowledge about phishing threats. I've mentioned the five main types of phishing that is currently in trend down below.

1) Spear- Phishing:

The beginning of phishing is a spear phishing where an email is sent to a specific individual or department within the organization that would display it as from being sent from a trusted entity, the main purpose of this phishing is to hack the most confidential data from the organization that he/she has targeted. Since this happens very often most of the employees are fallen victim for spear phishing. Moreover, it is a set trap!

2) Email/ Spam:

Here a quite number of emails are sent to numerous users asking them to fill in with personal details. This will include details such as your updates on your bank account information. The mail will usually consist of ''Urgent Notes'' asking you to fill the required details, whereas later on the details filled by you would be used for the illegal activities such as getting unauthorized access of your personal details

3) Cloning:

Ever heard of ''Cloning''?
This word should be familiar with you guys when it comes down to science, this is whereby a cybercriminal legitimately takes an email that contains an attachment or link, replacing the original attachment with the fake one which will, in turn, look as if it was sent by the original emailer. Then the rest is history as if you can imagine!

4) Bring Your Own Device Threats(BYOD):

Despite several concerns about BYOD phishing attacks, organizations have been bringing in protections and safetysoftwares to help balance the risk of BYOD. One of the best examples for this phishing is SMS Phishing- Where an employee will receive a text message asking him/her to download the hostile application and will be requested to click on the mentioned link.

5) Whaling:

This is the most dangerous type of attack where higher profiled employees (Top level managers) such as CEO or CFO's are utilized in order to hijack sensitive information from the specific company, this is probably because the cyber criminals know that the higher profiled employees will be in access to all the data the hacker requires., the main goal of the attacker is to get access to high valued transfers of information.


How can possibly businesses protect themselves from phishing attacks?

Significantly, the only obvious way is to train all the internal employees to spot a bussing phishing attack, maybe going for presentations making them aware of such attacks might work.

However, the other way is to testify them by simply sending them a link and asking them to go for the ''click'', monitor them and calculate the number of employees falling for it. The next thing that can be done is to install a Windows Defender Browser Plugin, to identify suspicious websites and unknown links.

And finally, the last step that can be taken is to limit the access to it's minimal to the junior employees just to ensure they do not fall for the trap. At the end of the day, it is all about sharing the knowledge of these attacks on the organization's employees so that they could be aware of the future happenings,
I've listed above the five main types of threats that can that every employee needs to be aware of! For more information check out this link on How Phishing Works?

In case if you know any other techniques or anything about Phishing attacks that are
common among organizations, Without hesitating do share me your comments below?

Readers, Your Discussions Are Very Much Appreciated!



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