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R.I.P The Hackers And Stay Safe Online!

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Hacking is getting illegal access to one’s personal data from his/her computer or system. We all do always wish to keep ourselves safe from those hackers who intend to steal our data.

Do you use the same passwords to all your websites? Do you do a lot of Facebook sharing? You might ask what the problem is with sharing your Facebook posts with ‘’Friends of friends’’?
What if you’re at your own risk? Have any idea what cyber-criminals would do by accessing to your personal details? Study the precautions down below as I've listed down the common top five ways to save your self from being hacked.

Here are few Do’s and Don’ts for you to keep yourself safe from being hacked!

1) Don’t click on links that you don’t expect to receive.

If you don’t want to be victimized by hackers, then don’t click on the links that literally you have no idea about. Hackers will start following you on social media particularly what you’re interested in and start tracking you alternatively. The other harm is Phishing as it is an email that will be sent to you requesting you to open it, these emails will usually consist of spelling mistakes, so yes hopefully you’ve to be careful about it.

2) Change your passwords often.

If you’re that individual who maintains a lot of online accounts you can’t keep on remembering the passwords right? So, what we do is we literally maintain the same passwords to all the accounts that would normally mean. This is where we are urging the problems to ourselves if your passwords are easy to access it is easy for the hackers to tune into. To protect yourself from these threats you have to add characters to your passwords such as symbols, numbers etc.

For instance: W@excv22 this will keep your accounts confidential and prevent from being stolen. Passwords added with characters can’t be stolen or accessed that easily.

3) Don’t ever reuse your email main password.

Since all the other sites are accessed via your mail main it is easy for a hacker to crack your whole virtual kingdom. It is because passwords from your other sites are changed or reset via your main email so once your main email is hijacked,
IT’S ALL OVER! Everything from your personal data to your bank information’s can be hooked up to the hacker.

It is always better to NEVER EVER reuse your email’s password twice or thrice.

4) Shop Online only insecure sites

It is way easy to encrypt all your details from the credit/debit card purchase you make online whereas all your personal data can be easily transferred to the relevant third party in the process of hacking your details. Nevertheless, before entering your card’s details always do ensure twice that the unbroken key symbol or locked padlock is showing in your browser. Also if the retailer’s site is changing from ‘’HTTP to HTTPS’’ this should probably be a sign of insecure site (A notification probably) This does not have to be changed once you’re logged in, if so this is a sign of total risk which indicates you that you have logged into trouble.

5) Avoid Public Wi-Fis as much as possible

As open Wi Fi’s make hackers easily to get unauthorized access to your personal details, it is always better to go on with your private network connection. If a suspicious individual is sitting next to you In public and you’re sitting there turned on with your Wi-Fi he/she can easily encrypt all your data easily with accessible tools he/she would have. Suppose you are banking online imagine how very sensitive data can be transferred from yours to his/her particular device used in hacking.


If your internet identity has been stolen then it probably indicates that you’re at the highest level of risk falling victim to hacking! If your data has been stolen it is your responsibility to get to know what the exact reason was or is. You should go on with asking questions on

‘’What was the reason for this breach’’?
If it’s your bank details then you will have ideas on why your details have been encrypted but if its something rather than the bank details, then you should set yourself on fore literally, questioning?!

As data theft has become a serious issue in the present it is nevertheless a must to be aware of the threats and reasons behind such causes. I hope the above-mentioned methods might be helpful for you guys to save yourself from being hacked as they are the basic activities we do in our everyday life.

Do kindly discuss your comments down below with all love.

Your views and opinions are very much appreciated with tons of love!



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