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  1. Yeah you're right I don't change myself.I'm...

    Yeah you're right I don't change myself.I'm giving 100% of love without any expectations.But it's useless because it's avoided by some people who i love for some silly reasons.
  2. Why people avoiding the lovable person?

    Nowadays most of the people, they didn't like true love. People avoiding true love and hating the true person. The value of true love is decreasing now. The fakers living a very happy life but the...
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    Hope you are a brave and super girl now.

    Hope you are a brave and super girl now.
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    Tell about you in a single line.

    You are the only person who knows about you very well.So this is the time to check how well you know about yourself. The world wants to know who you are? Let them know yourself. Guys,simply describe...
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    If you wanna become a brave girl you have to feel...

    If you wanna become a brave girl you have to feel your are brave.Talk boldly,face the challenges,don't give up anything for any reason,believe in yourself.Don't even think about the problems just...
  6. Why we are sacrificing our life for others? Is that right?

    I we like to do something,people who don't like it will stop us from doing it. And sometimes because of their wish we stop doing the things we wish to do. is that right to sacrifice our wishes for...
  7. Which is the movie Impressed and Inspired you lot?

    We watch movies for entertainment and we watch lots of movies in our life time.But some movies impressed and inspired us in a way that they may change our lives.So guys share here,which movie ...
  8. Why do we like to settled down in life?

    Most of the people in this world like to settled down in their life.A good job,nice family,a home and a vehicle we think If we got these things we are settled.Share your own thought about this.Why we...
  9. What is the very bad advice have you ever heard?

    Most of the time we need to hear some advice from others. Sometimes it's nice and sometimes it hurts.Sometimes we even don't know who they are but they come and advice us.share your experience...
  10. Have you ever felt lonely? It's good or bad?

    Most of the people like to live with their family and some people like to live alone. In my opinion i like to live alone Is it right to feel like that? share your own thoughts and experiences with...
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    How can we avoid unwanted arguments?

    Most of the time we are facing unwanted arguments and they are waste of our time,we won't gain anything from these meaningless arguments.So do you guys know any ways to avoid these kind of...
  12. What are the Mentality differences between Men and Women?

    We human have gender differences and we can easily notice the physical differences but men and women have many differences.For example,both gender has different mentality. So guys, Share your own...
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    Why we get hurt by simple words?

    Sometimes we get hurt by the simple word of others.I don't know why their simple words hurting me.Why their words impact me this much? What kind of relationship I am having with them? Someone...
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    Love is just a feeling between two...

    Love is just a feeling between two people.everybody have different thoughts about love.someone loves mother,someone loves friends, it change person to person.In my opinion love is everything.If some...
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    How can we achieve our wishes?

    Everybody like or love something in their life but only few people are achieving their wishes.Others got disappointed because they fail to their wishes.That kind of people satisfy their life with...
  16. How to Be a Better Man in this environment.

    Part 1.Mind

    Know yourself.
    Be knowledgeable about something.
    Know when you've made a mistake and know when to say "I'm sorry."
    Know the man-code.
    Let go off your self-destructive...
  17. If you want to gain weight you have to follow...

    If you want to gain weight you have to follow some have to change your food style.Take healthy breakfast like milk,egg and bread.Eat dates it will make you more stronger.Regularly eat dairy...
  18. Can someone suggest me a better outing Plan?

    When it comes to group outing it's difficult to make decision.Because there are people who disturb the plan in last minute and collapse the total plan.Do you guys have any better suggestion to make...
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    How Can we live an enjoyable life?

    Between Birth and death we have a great life.We need to live our life joyfully. But we often fail to do that because we are chasing our happiness in material things and in the process loose our real...
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    know your strength and weakness

    When it comes to living our life you have to know your strength and weakness then we can live a risk-free life. If we know ourselves we can easily face the challenges.

    if you need to know more...
  21. Which kind of things i wanna focus on social media branding?

    When branding a product through social media there is a way for that. So somebody suggest me some tips for that.
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    Thank you for your suggestion Bhavya.

    Thank you for your suggestion Bhavya.
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    How can i improve language skill?

    I know reading books and attending language based classes will boost our language skill but it's not enough to me. So explain some tricks to improve the my language skill.
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