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    How to do Link Reclamation?

    If we lost quality links for the website how can we Reclamation for that link? What are the ways to do Link Reclamation! Do you know about that please share your thoughts here?
  2. What are the common words we want to consider in Business communication?

    The single word can bring a project to our table or make us lose a project. So, we need to consider every single word in our business communication. Do you know what are the words we want to...
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    How to solve DNS issues?

    Why DNS error happening and What are the easiest ways to solve DNS issues in our Computer.
  4. Do you know the tricks for COD MB Game?

    I'm one of the COD player. I need to improve my gaming tricks. If you know about COD MB Game tricks please share with me. That will help to improve my gaming method!
  5. Thank you Bhavya for your Clarification. :p

    Thank you Bhavya for your Clarification. :p
  6. Why this particular industries are mostly...

    Why this particular industries are mostly impacted for Covid-19?
  7. Clarify to me; "First name and Last name" in Sri Lanka!

    In Sri Lankan culture, People often use their father's name as a first name but in the business "First name and Last name" are confusing.
    In business field which name become a first name and last...
  8. What are the industries most affected by COVID-19?

    In this COVID-19 situation, most of the business industries are get affected. But, What are the industries that are most affected by COVID-19?:confused:
  9. How can I identify Original and duplicate Bike Parts?

    Sometime I get confused to choose the Original Bike Parts. Because when you go to shop to buy one Bike Part maybe, the seller can cheat you. So we need to know how to choose the Original Bike Parts....
  10. Is it okay to change the bike default silencer?

    Some bikers are love to modify there bike to get more pickup and make it stylish. Is it okay to change the bike's default silencer? if we change bike's default silencer, Will it cause any problem to...
  11. Is it okay to use nitrogen gas for the Dio bike?

    Are you using nitrogen gas for your bike? I'm thinking to use nitrogen gas for my Dio bike but I don't have any knowledge about that. Please tell me whether nitrogen gas is good or bad for my Dio...
  12. How to receive money via Paypal in Sri Lanka?

    In my knowledge, Paypal account is not acceptable in Sri Lanka.But I heard that there ways to receive money via Paypal in Sri Lanka. Do you guys know how to receive money via Paypal in Sri Lanka? sl...
  13. How "Big Data" is helpful for the healthcare and businesses?

    Most of the companies are moving their business with "big data", Government and Private hospitals are maintaining the big data for the patient healthcare reason. How "big data" is helping for them....
  14. What are the major programming error in php?

    How can we find out where the error in the php! Are you php user, Could you please suggest to me how to find out the error in php!meh;;:)
  15. What are the thinks need to focus for doing Business Presentation?

    When we going to d the Presentation and Customer meeting for the Business purpose what are the impotent points we need to consider for those time.
  16. What are the thinks need to consider before starting business?

    Any one please give some hints to consider for the business plan. What are the major thinks I need consider before starting a business.
  17. What you think about "COD season Three"?

    The new COD season has now available for the mobile users. are you the COD player! what are the new features in season Three. popcorn;;:)
  18. It's good or bad to showing drinking and smoking on the cinema?

    Most of the people are addicted to watching movies and dramas including children. What you think about showing drinking and smoking on the cinema. share your thoughts here. :rolleyes:
  19. Which game is performing well to the slow internet?

    My living area have a very slow internet response. so I Unable to play many online games. Do you know any online games to play with a slow internet.
  20. Professional communication Witcher! :rolleyes:

    Professional communication Witcher! :rolleyes:
  21. கற்றுக்கொள்ள வேண்டும் என்பதை விட கற்று கொடுக்க...

    கற்றுக்கொள்ள வேண்டும் என்பதை விட கற்று கொடுக்க வேண்டும் என்பதே நலம் ...thumb;;:)
  22. Which online collaboration platform is best to the certain team communication?

    There a lots of online collaboration platform are available to the internet. But we did not know about all online collaboration platforms. what online collaboration platform best and secure to the...
  23. Which Browser is safe for personal activities?

    Most of the search engine have a two type of Browser Private Browser and Normal Browser. What do you think which browser is safe for the personal activities?.deal;;:)
  24. In this year what is your contribution to your country?

    "Without your tax" Have you thought about your contribution to your country? What are the contribution you did for your country. :confused:
  25. You mean this replay :confused:

    You mean this replay :confused:
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