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  1. The Rising Importance of Employer Branding

    Recently, LinkedIn has shared new insights about how employer branding and internal satisfaction are impacting staff retention.
    You can take a look at those key insights in the below graphic.
  2. Pinterest's New Pin Insights to Offer More Performance

    Pinterest continues to add new features to its insight tools, and recently Pinterest has added two new metrics for Idea Pins in order to improve the performance insight. You can learn more about...
  3. Veruli - Tamil and Sinhala Bilingual Music Video

    Hello Guys,

    Recently, there was a Sri Lankan video song called "Veruli" released on YouTube. It's a Tamil and Sinhala bilingual music video directed by Kishanth Sri which featured Sri Lankan...
  4. Tips to Optimize Your Website Content for Better Google Rankings

    Here are some key tips to optimize your website content that will boost your SEO performance, SERP rankings and Conversions.
    Take a look at those key tips in the below graphic.
  5. Key Instagram Metrics to Plan Your Strategic Instagram Marketing Approach

    Are you focusing on the right Instagram metrics within your Instagram marketing strategy? Here are the key Instagram metrics to plan your strategic Instagram marketing approach.
  6. Gender Representation in the Marketing Industry

    Recently, LinkedIn has published new data that shows gender representation in the marketing industry.
    You can check out the LinkedIn data in the below graphic.
  7. The Best & Worst Words to Use in Your Website CTA Buttons

    Looking for effective ways to improve your business website performance? Want to convert more website vistors into leads? Check out the below insights into the best and worst words to use in your...
  8. Why Email Marketing is Important in 2021 and Beyond?

    Here is a handy overview of a range of email marketing stats and insights which show you the importance of email marketing in 2021 and beyond, also, help you improve your process.
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    Insights into YouTube Audio and Video Ads

    With more and more people tuning into YouTube in audio-only mode, are YouTube's audio ads the most suitable option for your YouTube marketing approach? Check out the insights in the below graphic to...
  10. Top 10 Visual Content Marketing Trends in 2021

    Want to know what are content marketing trends in 2021 are reshaping the brands’ content strategy? Here is the list of the top 10 visual content marketing trends in 2021 that will help you to enhance...
  11. Succeed on Social Media Networks with Video

    Looking for effective ways to boost your social media marketing strategy? The Breadnbeyond team shared their tips to succeed on social media networks with video. You can check out those tips in the...
  12. 3 Vital Email Marketing Metrics You Should Monitor

    Looking to optimize your email marketing strategy for 2021? Check out the below key insights into three vital email performance metrics that will help you to boost your email marketing efforts.
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    Rising Conversation Trends in Twitter

    Recently, Twitter shared data that looks at the rising conversation trends among Twitter users. The Twitter insights revealed that people are looking forward to a more open Summer period. You can...
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    Pro Tips to Create Evergreen Content

    BuzzSumo shares new insights on content creation based on the analysis of 3.65 billion posts. The insights provide key points on what makes content 'evergreen'. Take a look at those content insights...
  15. A Weekly Video Ad Strategy That Generate ROI

    With the right video ad strategy that focused on each element of the sales funnel, you can drive significant ROIs with your video campaigns. In the below graphic, check out the weekly video ad...
  16. Think Before You Throw Away These 5 Healthy Foods

    Think before you cut and throw away these parts of fresh and healthy veggies. Trust me eating them will give you better healthy nutrition.
    Check out those top five healthy foods below.

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    What's your take on Tamil Movie "Karnan"?

    Karnan is a Tamil movie about a fearless village youth who fights for the rights of the conservative people of his village, Did you watch the Tamil Movie "Karnan"? What's your take on the movie? Let...
  18. 5 Tips to Help Smaller YouTube Channels Grow

    Recently, YouTube shared five tips aimed at smaller YouTube channels that are looking to build their audience base. If you're just getting started with your YouTube channel, check out the below five...
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    Top 20 Vital Skills for Digital Marketers

    If you're a digital marketer developing the below-listed skills will help you succeed in your digital marketing career.
    Take a look at the top 20 vital skills for digital marketers.

    1. Curiosity...
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    10 Tips for Creative Facebook Ads

    Here are the ten experts tips to create your most creative, engaging and compelling Facebook ads. Take a look at those ten tips for creative Facebook ads.

    1. Customize Images by Placement
    2. Use...
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    9 Effective Remote Learning Tips

    Remote learning comes with some unique challenges. If you are learning remotely, here are the nine effective tips for remote learning. Check out them below.

    1. Have a Dedicated Learning Space
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    10 Best Email Testing Tools

    Here is the list of 10 best email testing tools. These tools have the ability to help you with email previews and email testing.
    Take a look at those 10 email testing tools below.

    1. HubSpot...
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    Agree with your points, WordPress is one of the...

    Agree with your points, WordPress is one of the best User-friendly Platform. We can easily learn it's functionalities,
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    Yes, Yoast SEO is one of the best SEO plugin for...

    Yes, Yoast SEO is one of the best SEO plugin for WordPress sites. Most of the WP websites I'm working have Yoast SEO
  25. How to Use Google Trends for Your Marketing Purpose?

    Google Trends has several ways to find the data, Let's see how you can use Google Trends data for your common marketing tasks. Take a look at the 6 smart ways to use Google Trends for your marketing...
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