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  1. What's the difference between creating virtual directory and publishing an app in IIS

    I understand that we can host an application in IIS using a virtual directory.And also we can host an application in IIS by using the publishing option in vs. Is there any difference between using a...
  2. Can I earn revenue by using social medias?

    Hello everyone
    Nowadays earning with social media is trending hot topic. But I don't know how to earn with social media. Can anyone explain to me about this, please clarify me.
    Thank you.
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    How to maintain the cyber security?

    Hello Everyone,
    Nowadays there are lots of cyber crimes are happening. In every online related industry it is happening. Any professional ways to maintain the cyber security? can anyone help to me...
  4. Is thare any community forum to specially ask about Drupal?

    Now I have working on Drupal CMS. Thare are lots of forums to ask programming related questions. Is there any special forum to ask Drupal related questions?
  5. Hello Bhavya, I think the most time-consuming...

    Hello Bhavya,
    I think the most time-consuming tasks in programming are requirements gathering and analyzing. Which are very important phases in programming, If you gathered accurate requirements...
  6. How to approach the investors on Startup Weekend?

    Hello everyone!
    I participated in a Startup Weekend. I created a team and we pitched our idea. That idea was got first place. End of the program all of going to end. But we didn't know how to...
  7. How is the python language structured?

    Hi everyone,
    I'm a fresh learner of python language. I'm familiar with C# and Java. But I can't understand the structure of the python language. Can anyone suggest me how can I learn the structure...
  8. Which is the more suitable visual content (vector or raster) for the web designing?

    Every web designers using images on their websites. But I don't know how many of have the 100% knowledge of this matter. There are two types of graphics. Vector graphics and Raster graphics. In these...
  9. Hi Ahamed, "Defer & Async" Attributes are very...

    Hi Ahamed,
    "Defer & Async" Attributes are very helpful to increase the website page speed not only for WordPress but also for all sites. In your case, WordPress has some plugins. If you want to add...
  10. What is the best CMS for create an online resume?

    I'm willing to create a personal resume site. But I'm confused to choose a suitable CMS. If anyone familiar with this or have experience about the online resume site, Please suggest me a suitable CMS?
  11. Why most of the programmers using Linux?

    Hello guys!.

    I'm also creating applications and programs using a specific language. But still, I'm using Windows OS. Most of the programmers suggest the Linux OS is suitable for you. I'm comforted...
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