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  1. What are the disadvantages of thin website content?

    Thin content provides little or no value to the users. Can thin content affect your website's SEO in a negative way? What are the disadvantages of thin website content? Can anyone explain me the...
  2. What do you think about LinkedIn redesign?

    LinekedIn is a professional social network with more than 700M users. Recently, LinkedIn is started to rolling out its first major redesign in the last five years to make the LinkedIn easier,...
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    SEO Tools Checklist for 2020

    Want to boost your SEO process? The team from Grazitti Interactive shared a range of SEO tools that'll help you to boost your SEO process and performance in 2020. Check out those SEO tools in the...
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    How to create polls on LinkedIn?

    LinkedIn recently introduced a feature to create polls on the platform which is a great way to start conversations, engage with your audience and it'll help you to learn the latest trends and...
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    Stages of Content Marketing Process

    Planning to implement a content marketing strategy for your business? Check out the below five-stage content marketing process that'll help you to implement a right content strategy framework for...
  6. 5 Sri Lankan Resorts to Spend Your Vacation.

    Looking for the best resorts to spend your vacation in Sri Lanka? Here is the list of five best resort in Sri Lanka for your vacation. Spend your holidays at the most spectacular resorts in Sri...
  7. 5 Sri Lankan Traditional Foods You Must Try

    We all love to taste different kinds of foods. In this case, Sri Lanka has the finest cuisine. Here are the five amazing Sri Lankan traditional foods you must try.

    1. Seafood curry and rice
  8. What are the best LinkedIn marketing practices?

    Through LinkedIn marketing, we can generate leads, build brand awareness and drive traffic to our business website. But, what are the best LinkedIn marketing practices that help us to achieve these...
  9. What are the most common Local SEO mistakes?

    Even though we do our best to stay optimized and up-to-date with our SEO strategies, a few mistakes can occur without our knowledge. So guys, what are the most common Local SEO mistakes that we...
  10. Create Your LinkedIn Company Page in 2020.

    Earlier only the big campanies and brands had the access to create official LinkedIn Company Pages, but now everyone can have their company pages on LinkedIn. So, here is a brief guidelines to...
  11. 8 Killer SEO Techniques to Boost Your Search Traffic in 2020.

    Backlinks are one of the key elements to improve SEO performance. If you're looking for ways to gain more backlinks, here are the most effective SEO techniques that will help you to gain more...
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    15 Tactics to Improve Your Writing

    Writing is skills that can always be improved. If you're looking for ways to improve your writing skill, check out these 15 strategies that will help you to improve your writing to the next level.
  13. Changing Trends in The Digital Marketing Landscape in 2020.

    Want to improve your digital marketing approaches in 2020? Check out the below insights shared by Maryville University that will help you to learn the changing trends in the digital marketing...
  14. What are the best sales automation tools for small businesses in 2020?

    In today's market, we need to do everything in a fast- base. In this case, sales automation tools will help you to automate activities like keeping logs of emails/phone calls, creating lead records,...
  15. LinkedIn Research about 5G Network Impacts

    As technology develops, new opportunities come for businesses. So how will the introduction of 5G network connectivity change things for businesses? LinkedIn has conducted research and collected data...
  16. How to create content for email marketing campaigns?

    Searching for the new ways to boost your email marketing campaigns? Want to create compelling content that give more success in your email marketing efforts? Check out the below graphiv from...
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    How has COVID-19 changed Gen Z Outlook?

    Facebook has shared new insights on how COVID-19 pandemic has impacted Gen Z Outlook and impacted their approach to online content. You can check out Facebook's insights in the below infographics.
  18. How to get youtube monetization in Sri Lanka?

    Advertisers can only target their YouTube ads to countries where YouTube has launched its monetized site. I heard that Sri Lanka is ineligible for YouTube Monetization. So, I would like to know if...
  19. Google's Guidelines on Common AdSense Policy Questions.

    Google has shared a new guideline on mostly asked questions about Google AdSense. This new guide will help web publishers to maximize their revenue from Google AdSense. You check out Google's...
  20. What are your favorite Tamil melodies in 2020?

    Hi Friends,

    This year we got some amazing collections of Tamil melody songs. So, guys, what are your favorite Tamil melodies in 2020? Let me know in the comments below! Here I've listed down my...
  21. What are the best mountain ranges in Sri Lanka for trekking trips?

    For thrill-seekers and hikers, Sri Lanka is a paradise. It has alluring wilderness and incredible mountain ranges to explore. Here is my list of best mountain ranges in Sri Lanka for trekking trips....
  22. Killer Content to Post on LinkedIn and Get Noticed!

    LinkedIn is a wonderful build influence that leads to new job offers, new customers, podcasts invitations, etc. For that, you need to regularly publish posts on LinkedIn. But, "What to post?" If you...
  23. Web Design Stats to for Your Online Marketing Strategy in 2020.

    Looking for ways to enhance your online marketing strategy? Want to learn what visitors expect from the websites they visit? Check out the below stats from UK Web Host Review, it'll help you to...
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    How to Create a content library?

    Content library is a bank of pre-approved articles,blogs,images, and videos that organizations can use for their social media or other promotional or marketing purposes. If you want to know how to...
  25. How to embed a YouTube video in word document?

    Hi Friends,

    Today, I wanted to add a YouTube video in my blog article word document. So, I Google the ways to embed a YouTube video in word document , and found this useful video. Guys, check out...
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