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    11 Tips to Be Productive in Winter

    We are in the final weeks of 2020, most of the people are winding down and looking to take their year end break. Whether you're looking to take a break or re-load yourself for a bigger 2021. The...
  2. New Web Design Rules for Websites in 2021.

    Want to create a new website for your business in 2021? Want to know the best web design practices? Check out the new web design rules shared by Dubai Monsters. It'll help you to create a better...
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    What will 2020 Christmas be like?

    If the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything it’s that you can’t plan ahead at the moment. When the COVID-19 outbreak first started, we all thought it will just last a few weeks. But, it's still...
  4. How to Use Emojis in Social Media Marketing

    Emojis have become a significant element in modern digital communication. So, want to know how to use emojis in your social media marketing? Check out the below graphic from Media Update to learn...
  5. What Marketers Need to Know About Baby Boomer Travelers.

    People who are working in the tourism and hospitality industry, older travelers are key market, but there is a shift in travelers market. MDG Advertising highlights the key shifts in travels in the...
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    Content Writing Trends for 2021

    We're heading into 2021, So, are you planning to refresh your SEO content writing method in 2020? If yes, check out the below six content writing trends for 2021.

    1) Keyword Research Optimization...
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    eCommerce Stats and Trends in 2020.

    COVID-19 has accelerated the shift to digital shopping from traditional stores. So, want to know how much has eCommerce risen in 2020? The WebsiteBuilderExpert listed down the eCommerce stats and...
  8. Totally agree with you Kyle Arnold, In university...

    Totally agree with you Kyle Arnold, In university our learning is in our own hands. So, we are in full responsible for our studies and future career.
  9. Nice tips, Can you please brief what are the good...

    Nice tips, Can you please brief what are the good nonverbal communication we need consider in our work environment?
  10. True, as you said, transition words help us to...

    True, as you said, transition words help us to make our stories more human and let us to connect our thoughts through words.
  11. Kyle Arnold, really nice tips. Thanks for sharing...

    Kyle Arnold, really nice tips. Thanks for sharing them. Can you tell me how to make our workspace more comfortable?
  12. What's your take on Soorarai Pottru movie?

    Suriya's Soorarai Pottru movie is based on Captain GR Gopinath's "Simply Fly" and "Stories from the Aviation Industry" books. The movie is an inspiring tale about a common man from a village who...
  13. 400K Advertisers Being Affected Due to LinkedIn's Ad Metric Error.

    LinkedIn has recently found a major error in its ad reporting section, that has caused more than 400K LinkedIn advertisers to be overcharged for their LinkedIn ad campaigns over the past two years....
  14. 3 Big Mistakes You Shouldn't Do On LinkedIn

    Without our knowledge, we make costly mistakes on LinkedIn that can make big damage. So, watch the below video to learn what are the three big mistakes you shouldn't do on LinkedIn. Enhance your...
  15. 10 Facebook Trends You Need to Watch Out in 2021

    Searching for ways to improve your Facebook marketing approach? Want to know the rising Facebook trends for 2021? Have a look at the below ten rising Facebook trends listed by Oberlo. It'll help you...
  16. 11 Emerging Graphic Design Trends for 2021.

    Want to keep your visual designs fresh and trendy in the coming year? The team from 99 Designs have listed down the 11 emerging graphic design trends for 2021. Have a look at them in the below...
  17. 10 New Instagram Trends You Need to Know for 2021

    Looking for ways to improve your Instagram marketing approach in 2021? Want to know what are the rising Instagram trends in 2021? Here is the ten Instagram trends listed by Oberlo that'll dominate...
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    5 Social Media Platforms for Marketing.

    Searching for ways to outperform your competitors in marketing? Want to know the trending social media platforms that can enhance your marketing? Here is the list of five social media platforms for...
  19. WhatsApp Business Guide for Small Businesses.

    We all know Whatsapp is one of the popular messaging apps in the world. Now, it's evolved into a business communication tool and become a bigger platform for marketing and outreach. Considering these...
  20. 5 Innovative Tools to Enhance Your Digital Marketing Efforts in 2021.

    The right tools can help you to boost your digital marketing efforts. So, here are the five innovative tools that can enhance your digital marketing efforts in 2021.

    1. Lightricks Beatleap to...
  21. How to Use Video Content in Your Holiday Campaigns?

    We all know video is one of the most engaging content types across all social media platforms. Are you considering to add video content in your holiday digital marketing campaigns? Check out the five...
  22. New Instagram Guidelines on Combat Negative Interactions.

    During the COVID-19 pandemic, social media usage reached new heights. And amid this, Instagram has shared a new guide on the various measures and actions users can take to combat negative experiences...
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    New Color Trend Predictions for 2021

    Shutterstock team shared a research-backed listing of color trend predictions for 2021. Have a look at those color trends to ensure that your visuals are on-trend in 2021. Go through the color trends...
  24. Snapchat Discussion Around the Change of Seasons.

    Snapchat has shared a new overview of the discussions among Snapchatters during the holiday season. These insights will help you to plan your customer outreach strategy. Have a look at the insights...
  25. The Best Times to Post on Instagram During the Holiday Season.

    2020 holiday season is going to start in full swing. So, want to attract your potential customers through social media? Here are the insights from Planoly on the best times to post on Instagram...
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