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    Happy International Men's Day!

    I wish you all a very happy international men's day!

    As it is international men's day, I was just wondering off with a question that has been running in my mind for decades.

    What makes a...
  2. Cashwagon Sri Lanka - A Trashing Online Microloan Company

    Hello Everyone,

    This previous month I took a loan from a personal online microloan site Cashwagon. The initial amount I applied for was 30,000 LKR (receiving 28,000 with 2000 service charge)...
  3. Hi Bhavya! Thank you so much for sharing the...

    Hi Bhavya!

    Thank you so much for sharing the trailer. Watched the trailer a hundred times but seriously NEVER got tired of it. I mean this is like my childhood moments coming true, I remember...
  4. What are the basic questions raised by an individual customer on an e-commerce site?

    Hey, everyone!

    Electronic commerce can be defined as the buying and selling of goods on online and the financial transactions done through the online payment gateways. In common physical products...
  5. How do I prepare the perfect CV for a Startup company?

    Hello, Guys!

    A curriculum Vitae is a very detailed document of yours which highlights your professional and educational history. A CV includes information such as your education, work...
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    Will AI overshadow digital marketing and SEO?

    Hello, Guys!

    AI is going to be innovating in the mobile marketing campaign. Google and Facebook these companies are going to power this and technology is going to dictate what is going in...
  7. How can I choose the best destination to get a refreshed mind?

    Hey, Guys!

    Guys, a serious question? How would you define a relaxing holiday? For most of us, it's just about laying back, soaking the suns heat and forgetting about all the stress and strain. For...
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    Ways to improve communication skills?

    Hey, Everybody!

    Communication is a basic characteristic of almost everything. Every creature on this earth communicates. Communication among humans is totally different and is a must to take...
  9. Say Hello to a 12 year old Cyber Security Expert and Hacker

    Hi Guys,

    The 12-year-old is from The United States who has been creating awareness about growing cyber threats also in protecting digital information.

    Here is a short interview with this...
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    How to use hashtags at the right places?

    Hello Guys,

    Not everyone knows how to use hashtags in the appropriate places. But, when used properly it makes users find the relevant content. They can boost your content's worth by increasing...
  11. Vehicle prices shoot up by a minimum of Rs. 150,000!

    Hello, Everyone!

    Following the changing impact on the Excise Duty of the manufactured vehicles, the state confirmed that there would be a minimum rise of Rs 150,000 on the local vehicles...
  12. What are the obvious ways to pitch the best idea on Startup weekends?

    Hello, Everyone!

    Startup Weekend is a 54 hour hosted weekend event, whereas groups of business entrepreneurs, innovators, and startup enthusiasts pitch ideas for new startup companies by forming...
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    How do I invest my money in the smartest way?

    Hi Guys!

    If you are that individual looking for a healthy shot on becoming wealthy, you need to take the risk of not only earn money but also tricks to save it. Above all you have to learn to keep...
  14. Tesla introduces the fastest car on the planet: THE ROADSTER!

    Elon Musk has been amazingly making some insane claims about Tesla's upcoming generation car The Roadster.

    Surprisingly this car is the fastest car on the planet which can reach from 0 to100km/h...
  15. How important do you think communication is important with a product or sales team?

    Hi Guys!

    Communication is the key prominent aspect of marketing. It is not only important to communicate with the clients but it is equally important to have that connection with the team as well....
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    Hey there! For sure I'll. Your explanation was...

    Hey there!

    For sure I'll. Your explanation was quite informative. I'll look into it, thank you Zafris.
  17. Hey there! Such an amazing quote to go...

    Hey there!

    Such an amazing quote to go through. As you said this year is coming to an end hopefully I wish next year becomes a great more lucky year for you. The best thing I have seen in the...
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    Any Xmas Decorations Ideas?

    Hello, Everyone!

    Just 6 more days left until Christmas and still no idea of decorations! Our cabin crew is ready to make decorations, but has still no idea of what to do!

    Seriously guys, want...
  19. How important are customer reviews for a business?

    Hi, Everyone!

    A customer review is a written commentary that is commented by the individual who purchased the product or service or had experience, with a particular product or service. These...
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    I watched this over 20 times and never got tired...

    I watched this over 20 times and never got tired of it. The anticipation for the movie is getting higher and higher every single day. I seriously can't wait , really waiting for the movie as this can...
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    Startups: Ways to brighten them up?

    Hello Everyone,

    A startup is a company that works to solve a problem where the answer is not obviously successful nevertheless not even guaranteed to be a success.

    A company which is less...
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    So sweet of you, thank you :) Well, this...

    So sweet of you, thank you :)

    Well, this makes real sense.
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    Thank you so very much, your tips were really...

    Thank you so very much, your tips were really great to go through. I'll definitely bring these tips int reality. Despite mingling with people with the same interest, I think more knowledge can be...
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    Thank you, although Facebook/Instagram and...

    Thank you, although Facebook/Instagram and Google AdWords ads are quite expensive these would definitely work I believe. Despite, these three do you know any other marketing strategies I could use...
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    How do I improve my content writing?

    Hello Everyone!

    In present, content writing is seriously a critical talent and mastering. It can make you stand out in the overcrowded online world.

    It is important for a chef to learn how to...
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