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    How do you feel when you travel?

    Traveling is different feelings for different people. It can vary from freedom, confidence, empowerment, adventurous and many more. When travel alone I use to feel confident and empowered. So I would...
  2. What are the eCommerce platforms that allow multiple vendors?

    In today's digital world, eCommerce become a large niche. And in this ecosystem, there are lots of shops run by different vendors who want to sell their products and services to the customers by...
  3. 6 Keyword Research Tools to Enhance SEO in 2020.

    Looking for smart keyword research tools to improve your SEO? Red Website Design team listed down the 6 keyword research tools to enhance your SEO. Check out them in the below infographic.
  4. 5 Steps to Create Outstanding Website Content!

    Searching forthe effective ways to improve your business website content? Want to find the ways to outperform your competitors? Then check out the below infographic where marketing advisor Brian...
  5. Impact of Instagram on Restaurant Industry!

    Have you noticed how restaurants are becoming more 'Instagrammable'? With so many floks now posting their experiences on Instagram, and tagging the location, it can serve as free promotional...
  6. New Color Highlighting for Facebook's Links and Hashtags!

    As per reverse engineering expert Jane Manchun Wong recent tweet, Facebook is testing with different color highlighting for links and hashtags in their post text. As you can see in the below image of...
  7. Yes, we are here to share our...

    Yes, we are here to share our knowledge,learnings, ideas and learn from other with collaborative discussions.
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    Learn How to Make Your Own 200 Year Plan!

    Hello Friends,

    Most of us usually make our one year plan or 5 year plan, right? but do you ever wondered about a 200 year plan? At TEDxSummit Artist Raghava KK talked about how to make our 200...
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    Thanks for these tips Beacon, they are very...

    Thanks for these tips Beacon, they are very useful. Sometimes I will get unexpected tasks which will disturb my schedule. Can you please tell me how can I prepare myself for the unexpected tasks and...
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    Agree attitude and character depends on the...

    Agree attitude and character depends on the circumstances and other person's reactions. We easily noticed that we tend to react differently based on the situation and the people reactions.

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    If you ask me I couldn't able to tell reasons for...

    If you ask me I couldn't able to tell reasons for why I love someone. For me love is unreasonable. I just love whole heartedly love;;:) thats it.
  12. Thanks for this suggestion Shana, I was looking...

    Thanks for this suggestion Shana, I was looking for a digital Tamil keyboard for my mobile and while searching I landed hers. Once again thanks for the suggestion.
  13. Roshan, I would say your reply enlighten me , I...

    Roshan, I would say your reply enlighten me , I didn't think in this perespective. Thanks for sharing this piece of Wisdom.
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    Srinivas, Hariharan, and G V Prakash Kumar are my...

    Srinivas, Hariharan, and G V Prakash Kumar are my favorite male playback singers in Tamil.
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    Top 10 Travel Trends to Watch in 2020

    As travelers seek fresh experiences and develop new interests, travel trends also keep changing according to it. So here are the emerging travel trends that promise to make 2020 to be another...
  16. I like to be in quiet places surrounded with...

    I like to be in quiet places surrounded with nature. especially quiet beach without much crowd. I love to listen the melodious waves.It's sooth my soul.
  17. I noticed the attitude and way of speaking when I...

    I noticed the attitude and way of speaking when I meet someone for the first time.
  18. What are the best social media marketing tools to grow the business in 2020?

    We can't deny the fact that social media has become an important part of our lives. Social media is one of the best podiums to market your business to your target audience and to do so we need to be...
  19. How to improve a business website SEO ranking in 2020?

    For your business, if you are relying on people to find you through Google, then SEO needs to be at the top of your online marketing strategies. But SEO is the field that changes continuously. So I...
  20. What are the creative ways of marketing a service?

    If you just started your new service business, you know exactly how hard is it to get the word out for your service. You could be offering the best service in the world.but if you don't market it...
  21. What are the benefits of doing advertisements on Facebook?

    Sometimes we find Facebook ads to be annoying and total crap. But most of the business owners use Facebook for their advertising purpose so I would like to know exactly what are the benefits of...
  22. What do you like about Sri Lanka as a travel destination?

    Sri Lanka called as a travelers' paradaise. Sri Lanka has endless sun-kissed golden beaches, mighty elephants, welcoming people, fun train travels,rising surfs and many more to bewitch the travelers....
  23. How can we establish AI technology into our business?

    AI is visibly one of the emerging power in the business industry. Virtual assistants and chatbots are becoming a crucial part of launching new products to the public. In the meantime, many firms...
  24. What are common Phishing techniques phishers use?

    As technology and internet grows, cybercriminals also becoming more advanced in knowledge. Phishing attack is one of the significant cyber attacks where phisers target the victim through emails and...
  25. Do you trust Facebook after the massive security breach?

    On September 25th, 2018, Facebook declared that it was exposed to massive security breach where nearly nearly 50 million Facebook accounts got affected. Even though Facebook fixed the vulnerability...
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