Most of us have to deal with the conflicting requirements of planning our business in the short term vs the long term. In the short term, we need our customers to find our products or service at any price, and in the longer term, we need generate revenue and profit for our business and return loyalty to our customers. So, here are the 10 surefire ways to focus on the long term.

1. Get a mindset of deep thinking for the long term.
2. Connect your business operations today with long-term goals.
3. Separate serious business threats from the day-to-day business crises.
4. constantly focus on process improvement
5. Build a high-performance business culture model
6. Attract, train, and reward best business leaders
7. Constantly seek growth opportunities.
8. Find partners and M&A to solidify your business strategy.
9. Prepare for business downturns and recoveries.
10. Initiate succession planning for all roles in your business including yours.