Social Media is a key catalyst for brand growth. Many businesses include social media in their marketing strategy. If businesses do social media marketing in the right way it can create waves of positivity for many businesses to increase their brand awareness. And the major key to successful social media is user engagement. Here I am listed down 11 tips to increase social media engagement.

1. Talk about your topic, not your brand (the story behind your brand and its objective)
2. Join QA sessions
3. Share the relevant content of other people
4. Create a feel of engaged to your customers
5. Create more visualize posts (like video images)
6. Put relevant hashtags to your post
7. Create polls and surveys posts
8. Run contests and giveaways in your social media channels
9. Maintain regular posting in your social media channels
10. Make engagement with the latest issues and trends
11. Monitor your social media engagement with analytics tools.

Guys, If you know any other tips, please let me know in the comments.