Most of the workers choose to settle for anonymity and mediocrity, especially if they work in a large work environment. It's much easier to go to work everyday and do just enough to meet our job's requirements. But If you want to stand out among your coworkers you have to put some extra efforts. Here are some personal goals for your work to make yourself stand out.

1. Practice self-mastery to improve yourself
2. Be grateful for where you are right now
3. Be excited for what's coming next
4. Accept and celebrate each others' differences
5. Get the advantage of your team's differences
6. Effectively manage your office conflicts
7. Be volunteer for new projects or assignments
8. When it's necessary learn to say "No"
9. Practice humility at your work
10. Create a good balance between your work and life
11. Always under promise and over deliver
12. Search and find your own answers
13. Ask for help when needed
14. Offer help for others
15. Take a brain break to refresh yourself.