Do you know the first-ever commercial typewriter was created in 1868? it's nearly 150 years ago. but now typing becomes an important part of our daily lives. And we can save so much time just by increasing our typing speed. So here are nine hacks that can help you to become a typing pro. Let's check out them below.

  1. Use all the ten fingers
  2. Put your left-hand fingers on the keys A, S, D and F
  3. Put your right-hand fingers on the keys J, K, L, and ;
  4. Use your thumbs to press the space key
  5. While typing slide your fingers across the keyboard
  6. Use a color-coded keyboard to identify the keys easily
  7. While typing look at the screen instead of the keyboard, it will train your muscle memory
  8. Get to know the keyboard shortcuts
  9. keep a 45-70 cm distance between the screen and your eyes.

Guys, If you know any other typing hacks, please let me know in the comments!