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  1. 5 Reasons Why You Should Take Social Media Breaks.

    To be honest: I love social media. I consider it's a great method to get connected with the people, and numerous social media networks have helped out many individuals to form safe communities who might not feel supported in their real life. Besides, with applications like Instagram, you have access to just about as many varieties of photographs as you could probably want to get. However, social media addiction is similar to any other type ...
  2. Instagram changed the way we Eat

    Food has inevitably turned out to be a form of social currency. There is no surprise that the meals we make are becoming brighter and more photogenic. But does #instafood taste as good as they look in the pictures?

    Most of us love food sharing. Not certainly in the real sense, since that would mean giving something delicious to others. That gesture is kept for the folks who are dear to us. But for the rest of the universe, the ...
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