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  1. 10 Self-Development Life Skills That Make You A Strong Personality

    Most of us believe that personality is permanent, but there are endless possibilities to improve your personality in ways that can have a lot of positive effect on your personal life and career. Personality is a pattern of your thinking, feelings and behaviors that make you unique. When we address someone as a "good personality" we mean that they are interesting, likeable, pleasant and a good company to be with.

  2. 6 Simple Steps to Becoming a Master in Your Job

    Most of us were brought up to think about a job as nothing more than a method to make money for our living. And we don't consider work as a methodology to grow ourselves personally and professionally. But the fact is each profession offers us that opportunity. Even the most awful profession you have ever had educated you something valuable. Job is like a workout, as in workout there is always a new exercise to try and new body muscles to grow,
  3. 7 Best and Proven Ways to Improve Your Communication Skills

    In this digital era of social media networking and texting, communication becomes a causal thing. But still, we require effective communication skills to succeed in our personal and professional life. Communication skills top the list of fundamental skills that employees needed to succeed in the workplace. Good communication skills will support you to achieve any endeavors you ever put your time and energy into.

    It's true that ...
  4. 7 Tips to Save Money While on Vacation.

    After working for all year, every one of us deserves a relaxing vacation without worrying about money. However, when we're on a vacation spending money can get out of our control as vacations have a way of making our money disappear and it's not just about the large sums spent on airfare or accommodation costs. Smaller expenses like breakfast, daily cafe visits, and shopping can be a budget-buster. It becomes hard to balance between treating ...
  5. Top 7 Safety Tips for Female Solo Travelers.

    For many folks travelling alone as a female can be an intimidating way to travel the world. So, they often ask “Is it possible for a female to travel the world alone and stay safe?” Absolutely, it’s possible. In reality, there are thousands of women who travel solo. They survived, thrived, and had the time of their lives. These solo trips help many women to become confident and independent.

    Our world isn’t as threatening as the ...
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