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Thread: Which is better Harry potter or Twilight ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shana View Post
    loneliness doesn't make someone fall in love. Love makes someone fall in love, actually. If she fell for Jacob because she was lonely, then she was clearly using her and nothing else.
    Because, when Edward came into the equation, she was totally into both of them, coz now she has two guys fighting for her love. Not so lonely now, is she?
    Yes . I had a wrong conception may be. What is your point on it? What is her mentality in that situation???

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shana View Post
    Bella was in love with both Edward and Jacob. She accepts the fact straight out. I'm just wondering how could that happen? Can a girl be madly in love with someone and with another one? Does it make any sense?
    And Jacob imprinting on Renesmee? I hate to say this. Twilight is something anyone can watch for some romance and drama, but it's not worth swooning over.
    And the fanbase of Twilight literally made me hate the movies. I couldn't just understand their love for the franchise, it's just another sappy vampire romance with a lot more creepy complicated love triangle. And that is the entire plot of the franchise-The love triangle.
    I don't get it.
    Your points make sense,I didn't think this way before,So bella was playing the two boys emotions,ridiculous
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