I''m sure we are talking about human and loves right ? As far as i know and based on my own experience, the attitude and character depends on the opposite person reaction and yes the circumstances!
Agree attitude and character depends on the circumstances and other person's reactions. We easily noticed that we tend to react differently based on the situation and the people reactions.

We all are seeking what we need and end up with divorce because of we still think what we need instead of what we can give and how can we change for him/her! Maybe if you think, why i need to change for someone then you guess the answer from the opposite person as well.

If you guys talking about "love" , then there is no expectation but only the understanding, less talk, much feel!
True words!, Love is feeling that we should experience without any expectations. I would love is the beautiful feeling I ever experience in my life When you realize that you are loving someone that moment is magical and priceless. I am glad I had this magical moment in my life.