Success depends on our self confident. Some of you 're students, workers etc all you guys might have definitely succeeded at some point in your life, that moment where happy tears would have fallen from your eyes that unexplainable success ''THAT FEEL'' , it would be really nice if you guys could share it. There're 2 things you need, to succeed in life.


My best success was (I'm just in my mid 20's and I think I've more stuffs to explore in my life) but my greatest personal success were 2 things, one when I passed my Advanced Levels and the other one was when I recently got my first job. A job that I'm seriously satisfied with, a job with passion and above all all my colleagues and my boss are THE BEST
I just feel less stressed and could focus more on my passion. So this is a platform for me and I think getting this job is my greatest success in life and I guess there's still more to come in the future.

Kindly share your greatest success as well my dear Friends!