41.jpgBottled water
Bottled water is healthy water - OR so marketer would have us believe.
Just look at the labels or the bottled water ads :deep ,pristine pools of spring water ;majestic alpine peaks ;healthy ,active people gulping down icy bottled water between biking in the park & the yoga studio .

In reality , bottled water is just water .That fact isn't stopping people from lot of it .Estimates variously place worldwide bottled water sales at between $50 And $100 billion each year , with market expanding at the starting annual rate of 7 percent .
Bottled water is big business .But in term of suitability ,bottled water is a dry well. It is costly ,wasteful and distracts from the brass ring of public health : the construction and maintenance of safe municipal water systems.
Want some solid reason to kick the bottled water habit ?