Hello everyone,

Since the past few years people have been sadly complaining about the Dehiwala Zoo's animal cruelty. Last year Senior environmental Lawyer Jagath Gunawardene and Animal Rights Activist Sagarika Rajakarunanayake have said that animals were being tortured by giving dirty waters to drink from small ponds where as some lions cubs were let to drink algaed water. Which is the most serious issue why animals in the zoo are dying of internal health issues!

The Zoo has about 2-3 acresof space & animals such as lion cubs are not being accommodated with spaces to play and when they questioned the authorities their replies were simply and I quote, '' This is what is happening throughout the whole world's zoo'' according to Jagath and Sagirika this was seriously an unacceptable answer not only by them but by us well.

Sagirika also reported that elephants are being stressed, forced to dance to the public's interest since they were shaking their heads from side to side while performing which is a sign of stress for the elephants!

Here is a picture of a lion cub drinking algae water from a pond.


What do you guys think? Have you guys visited the zoo before and noticed any cruelty on those poor animals? Share us your thoughts and opinions kindly!