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Thread: Is Ragging Transforming Into A Demeaning Form Of Sexual Harassment & Torture?

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    Is Ragging Transforming Into A Demeaning Form Of Sexual Harassment & Torture?

    Uni Students!

    I hope all you guys might be familiar with this word ''Ragging''. Most of you guys might have even gone through it. I wonder if ragging is a common thing in all uni's and why is that so?
    Those days ragging was only about kneeling down, giving roses to seniors, proposing them and etc. But nowadays ragging has gone to its peak where as people are being sexually tortured, mentally forced to suicide The recent incident at the university of Kelaniya created much anger and disgust about ragging where as 7 senior female students were sent to remand in prison and the campus was declared to be closed until June 01st.

    This incident clearly shows us that the ragging level in Sri lanka has crossed it's level to something unimaginably worse.

    What Do You Guys Think? Is Ragging Necessary? Is ragging turning into something with a physical torture? Kindly, share us your thoughts & opinions?
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    Sadly yes, university raggings turn as sexual harassments and assaults for students in both genders. It's better authorities take actions to stop the ragging practices in the unversities.
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