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Thread: Does growing up with grandparents enhance your life?

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    Lightbulb Does growing up with grandparents enhance your life?

    I feel lucky as a child grew up in the arms of my grandparents. The pamper and the unconditional love and care they shower on us is something magical.

    Looking after their own grandchild is probably a dream for many elders, most of them wait for the amazing moment to be spent with their grandchildren.
    When the parents are busy, grandparents are the best companions.They are the well wisher,friend and yes, a parent too!

    The best part is the wisdom and the experience we gain from them! This is a real boon which cannot be found anywhere else.

    Are you a child grown up with grandparents? Share your thoughts.

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    Couldn't agree more, I got the chance to grew up with my Grandma, as you said she was my companion.I used to share everything with my Grandma and I have learned a lot from her.Nowadays I really miss her. But I believe she always protect me as my Guardian Angel.
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