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Thread: Why gender equality is an issue?

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    Girls should have a mentality of standing independently in this society. Marriage and love is a piece of cake, people have seeded that it is important for a girl to marry and look after the family non-economically. A girl also should face this society fearlessly. On the other hand, Men not always send their wives to work because of the financial situation, they do because a woman stand for what she wanted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neo View Post
    There are lot of myths in the society regarding gender equality and it is a continuous issue as well.

    What do you consider as gender equality? What is your opinion in terms of gender equality? Why is it an issue? What should be done to solve this issue?

    Share, if you have faced any gender inequality incidents.
    For me, gender equality means equality in every aspect of like equality in education, career, finance, marriage and etc. I think now we have that equality for some extent but not fully, I believe we will get the 100% equality soon.

    It is an issue because in our society some people treat women lesser than men.

    Every man and woman should treat their opposite gender equal to them.
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