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Thread: Does Marriage Between Blood Relatives Double The Risk Of Birth Defects??

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    Does Marriage Between Blood Relatives Double The Risk Of Birth Defects??

    Hello everyone!

    All of you guys might have definitely heard about marriages between first born cousins and blood relatives which is a cultural practice both in India and in Muslim countries, Sri Lanka as well.
    And you might have also heard the birth defects to the new borns due to these marriages, a recent research has shown that nearly 31% of babies are born in Pakistan with birth defects.

    It may be a cultural practice but the rate of babies born with abnormalities are increasing day by day. Usually babies are born with heart and nervous system defects which even sometimes end up in fatal deaths.
    A couple of months ago an incident happened in vavuniya town as well where their first born male child died due to kidney failure a couple of years ago I guess and the next born (his sisters ) had heart disease where the second daughter died recently and the 3rd child is at her deaths end.

    Do you guys believe in this? Is it confirmed that marrying between blood relatives could for sure end up new borns with birth defects? Kindly share us your comments
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    Yes marriage between first cousins can cause congenital birth defect in children.
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