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Thread: Killing animals for foods

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    Unhappy Killing animals for foods

    Hi all,
    Killing animals to eat Eating poses two moral problems.

    • Is it wrong in principle to raise and kill animals so that human beings can eat meat and fish?
    • Does it stop being wrong if the processes involved are carried out humanely?

    Eating animals is also criticized on health and ecological grounds, But in my point of view I feel the Killing animal is for any purpose is wrong.
    But For this question Different religion, different philosophies, and different cultures all have different answers. And none of them are actually wrong in their point of view.
    Humans have uniquely evolved to be able to consider the moral worth of their actions, when we look into this case in utilitarian perspective, the fact that animals do not have the ability to rationally consider the moral worth of their actions, has no ethical impact as it does not affect ability of suffer. As eating meat causes suffering to animals, it is therefore wrong.
    Generally, I think it is not right to kill an animal for food. I believe in the value of all life and that no one really has the right to take one. Especially since we don’t need to eat animals in order to get nourishment. Humans stomachs are better adjusted for consuming vegetables and fruits, which you can easily consume raw, than meat, which almost always needs to be proccessed before it’s consumable. Lastly, an animal only takes as much as it requires.
    So guys what is your idea on this??
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    I am very disappointed by this point of view. But if the process takes place because of this, what can be more then correct? People need to eat meat. So where can they take it? The other way.

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    Food is individual choice we can't comment on that. And killing another living being for food is normal in our ecology.It's the natural way of keeping balance in bio diversity.
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