Recently I went through a colleague's post and in it, he has obviously shared his worried POV on a controversial article he found on Fb. That specific article had some controversial, racist content involving the past civil war and my colleague has made his point why we should not support such non-sense.

My question here is, Why do we have to display such controversial content on Social media?
Why can't we keep it to ourselves inside our personal lives?
Because, the loss was obviously on both sides and no matter what happened, our present is somewhat without any kind of violence and these posts trigger racism within our country.
The major thing that affects me is that, people who were never affected by it in anyway or had no knowledge about the war do such things as sharing war-inducing posts.
What do you say?

Regardless our opinions, we're Sri Lankans and we should learn to respect every community, not slander everybody in every chance we get.
Any opinions?